Why does pressure increase with depth?

well the simple explaination works like this. Have you ever put a gallon of water above your head? When you do the roughly eight pounds pushes down on your body. Now imagine that the ocean is that milk jug, the weight of the millions of tons of water are pushing down on you creating pressure on every part of your body that can be compressed. The deeper into water the more water there is above your head, thus increasing the pressure. I will use the simple terms that i can understand. I am not a scientist, but the principle is simple. If you were to take a gallon of water and place it above your head, you would feel the eight pounds of pressure pushing down on your body. Now as your body decends into water, more and more water is pushing down onto your body, thus increasing the pressure exerted onto your body. Another example is placing a 5 lb weight on your stomach. Then place another five pound weight on that one, so on and so on. The deeper you decend into water there is more weight above you to create pressure.