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You might want to examin your proportioning valve

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Q: Why does right front brake lock anti-lock after driving 12 miles on 1993 Buick Skylark Have replaced on right wheel breakline pads caliper Really need help fast thanks?
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What happen when the piston of the caliper come out?

If the piston has come out, the caliper will need replaced.

After replacing caliper on brakes why is brake fluid leaking when in reverse?

Brass washers replaced when caliper replaced?Fitting tightened completely?

You replaced rear brakes and rotors and one wheel caliper one wheel still does not turn freely why not?

Does it turn freely with the caliper removed? if not, check the bearings or hub assembly. You only replaced one caliper? If one's bad, the other isn't far behind.

The dust boot seal on the rear caliper is broken on my 2001 Passat. What can happen if I don't replace it Can it be replaced How difficult it is?

The brake caliper boot seal keeps out dust and dirt. If not replaced it can cause the caliper seal to leak and the brakes to possibly fail. It is simple to replace.

What part of a brake job needs a gasket?

if the caliper has been replaced there are two copper gaskets that go between the brake hose and the caliper

Why do the brakes squeak after they have been replaced on a 1998 grand caravan?

Whoever replaced your pads may have neglected to apply anti squeal goop to the back of the new brake pads. Brake pads should have some greasy stuff smeared on their surfaces where they meet the caliper, the caliper piston, and at the ends where they fit into the caliper. The squeal is caused by high frequency vibration where the back of the pad presses against the caliper and caliper piston(s).

If the left rotor on your '93 Lumina is rusty does this indicate the caliper is not working?

YES! If the car has been in use could be the caliper the caliper slider or the brake hose connected to the caliper. yes, if the car has been in use and the rotor is rusty then the caliper is frozen and needs to be taken apart and replaced.

How do you repair a Vectra front brake caliper?

If the caliper is sticking or leaking it is possible to buy a rebuild kit and replace all parts that are worn inside. If the caliper has a cracked or broken housing then the unit can not be repaired and must be replaced.

How do you fix a sticky caliper in a 2004 dodge Dakota?

If the caliper piston is sticking, replace the caliper. If the caliper yoke is sticking in its guides, clean the guides with a wire brush. Some caliper yokes make use of shims and bushings in the guides to reduce friction, these may need to be installed or replaced. Check with your dodge dealer regarding those shims.

Is there any other hardware that should be replaced when installing new pads and rotors in a 2005 Dodge Caravan?

The caliper (especially the rubber seal around the piston), the caliper slider bolts & seals and the pad clips should all be inspected, however if they are all in good condition there is no need to replace them. Inspect the caliper sliders carefully and if they show any sign of sticking or binding they should be cleaned out and re-greased or replaced if they are rusted. If the rubber boots on the caliper sliders are torn they should be replaced immediately.

What is a brake pad?

A brake pad is the friction surface, replaced as it wears, between the caliper and the rotor.

What would cause a front caliper to stick on after replacement replaced rotor caliper pads and bearings 1998 f-250?

the rubber line going to the caliper was bad. replaced the line and bled system and it works great. I think the line partially plugged since this truck has 250k miles on it. I hope this helps someone because I could find very little help for this problem.

Why would your brakes smoke on a 1996 Dodge Neon after you had the brakes and rotors replaced?

Frozen brake caliper

How do you know if a 1992 Chrysler LeBaron brake caliper is bad?

If it is leaking, cracked, or the piston is seized it needs replaced.

How do you get rear caliper pistons to retract on citroen xsara piccasso?

Caliper pistons should retract if calipers are in working order. Calipers need to be removed and rebuilt or replaced. A brake fluid flush is highly recommended.

What would cause the left front caliper not to release replaced the caliper and the hose and no improvement 95 S10 Chevy?

If you open the bleeder and it releases pressure, follow the steel line back to see if it is pinched somewhere.

Have you had any issues with the caliper on your Dodge?

The Dodge Caravan and Dodge Ram have reportedly had issues with the caliper needing to be replaced. This can usually be done yourself and step by step instructions found on the internet by doing a Google search.

What is the difference between a teves caliper and akebono caliper?

The teves caliper is a single piston disc brake caliper and the akebono caliper is a dual piston disc brake caliper. The teves caliper is a single piston disc brake caliper and the akebono caliper is a dual piston disc brake caliper.

Brake caliper bolt Toyota matrix size?

m8-1.0x 20mm I just replaced mine, it was the top bolt

How do you cange front brake rotors?

It will depend upon your car. You will most likely have to remove the wheel, the brake pads, the caliper, and poss the caliper adapter in order to gain access to the rotor which should then slip off and can be replaced.

How do you change the front brakes on a 1997 Dodge Dakota?

Jack up The Dakota and remove the wheel. Unbolt the caliper and slide it off, being careful that the hose does not get damaged. The brake pads can be slid from the caliper and replaced at this point.

Can a worn cv joint make the rotor hot. and i already replaced he caliper thinking it seized.?

No but, the next time that brake seems stuck open the bleeder on that stuck caliper and see if the caliper releases the pressure. If so you may have a bad brake hose or a pinched brake line that holds pressure.

Why Honda accord 1997 car is pulling sideways when brake is applied Tie rod upper arms and brake pads were replaced Also wheel alignment was done yet the problem persists what can be the cause?

The brake caliper on the opposite side is seized Example, if it pulls to the left, then the right side caliper is seized and must be replaced.

Why is back rotor getting hot with new brakes only on drivers side 2000 Chevy blazer?

Probably has a sticky brake caliper or sticky brake caliper sliders. Who ever replaced the brake pads should have seen that.

Why would the front right brake hang up on a 1984 s-10 4x4?

Your caliper needs replaced. The piston inside is corroded, and is not releasing. The new caliper costs about 24 bucks at the part store. Hope I could help.

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