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This has to do with the charge of the objects. Positively charged items stick to negatively charged items (think "opposites attract"). Though objects like hair and balloons are generally neutral (without a charge) and do not attract anything, this can be changed through the transfer of electrons. Electrons are negatively charged subatomic particles that can be transferred between items through contact.

When you rub a balloon on your hair, the contact between your hair and the balloon allows electrons to be transferred, known as the triboelectric effect. Some materials are more likely to gain electrons and become more negative, while others are more likely to lose electrons and become more positive. In the case of hair and a balloon, the electrons are transferred from your hair to the balloon, so the balloon becomes negative.

Now that electrons have been transferred, your hair and the balloon are of opposite charged and attract one another; therefore, your hair sticks to the balloon. Before the balloon contacts the hair, they both have a stable balance of electrons and protons. Once the balloon is rubbed on the hair, it takes electrons from the hair. Thus leaving the hair positively charged and the balloon negatively charged. Once the balloon is pulled away the hair sticks to it. This happens because opposite charges attract and since the hair was positively charged, and the balloon is negatively charged, they attract.

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Q: Why does rubbing your hair with a balloon cause static electricity?
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Is there anything besides a balloon to cause static electricity?

rubbing a dry dish cloth on a ruler can cause static electricty. we did this in school and it picked up pieces of paper

How is electricity produced by a balloon and a sweater?

The transfer of electrons between the sweater and the balloon create static electricity. They also cause a charge in electricity.

How does one produce static electricity?

When the air is dry static electricity is more enhanced and noticeable than when the air is humid. Things with the same charge repel each other. You can produce static electricity by rubbing a balloon in your hair. It will cause your hair to stand up and the balloon will be able to stick to a wall. Also if you have on rubber sole shoes and you drag them along a carpet the first person you touch will be shocked by static electricity.

What is static electricity produced by friction?

example you take a balloon and you rub it against your hair it will cause the balloon to lose or gain electrons which that mommnet it makes static

What are some testable questions involving static electricity For example Does rubbing an object more cause more static electricity?

Which materials make more static electricity when different objects are rubbed up against eachother.

What do you need to form static electricity?

u need a balloon and u can rub it on ur head and it wll cause electricity so there

Can static electricity cause a sand storm?

No, but sandstorms can cause static electricity.

How do charges cause static electricity?

Charges cause static electricity by charges

Why does a balloon rubbed in your hair make your hair stand up?

The friction between your hair and the balloon cause static electricity causing your hair to stand up.

How can static electricity be a nuisance?

Static electricity can be a nuisance in so many ways. It can cause papers to stick together. It can cause damage to computer parts. A spark from static electricity can even cause an explosion.

Why does rubbing your hair with a ruler cause static electricity?

Free electrons get migrated right from one to the other which leaves those as oppositely charged.

What is the relationship between atoms and static electricity?

is a extra atoms cause static electricity in a object

Can static electricity cause blisters?


what causes more static electricity a balloon filled with helium, oxygen, or carbon dioxide?

The balon filled with helium will cause more static,a ballon filled with carbon dioxide may be dangerous.

What happens when you rub one object with another object?

Rubbing two items together can have different effects depending on what they are. You can cause heat by doing this or static electricity.

Can lighting up a light bulb with a balloon hurt you?

If it is just you, the light bulb and the That is just static electricity and is very low voltage and ampheres. If that light bulb is plugged in to a lamp that is plugged into a socket, very possibly yes. That static electricity could be greatly magnified by stray voltage and cause you some serious grief.

What are the two ways of charging a neutral body with static electricity?

The two ways to charge a neutral body with static electricity is to dump a bunch of electrons onto it, thus making it negative, or attracting a bunch of electrons off of it, which will make it positive. There are several mechanisms that will allow us to do this. Just one example is to rub a balloon on your hair (if your hair is relatively dry) and you'll separate charges. This will cause the balloon to stick to your hair via the mechanism of static electricity.

What does static electricity and current electricity have in common?

They both cause by electrical charge

What is the cause of static electricity?

Separation of electrical charges is.

What happens if you rub your hair to a balloon?

The static electricity given off by the contact between both the hair and balloon will cause a peculiar attraction that most would see as hair standing up. The hair will develop mild attraction with the balloon only to a certain degree.

What kind of charge does rubbing one object against another cause?

static elecrticity

Hcw does static electricity cause fire to car in filling station?

static electricity is energy, energy applied to gasoline equals conbustion.

Can neutrons cause static electricity?

No. The movement of electrons is what causes electricity, and neutrons take no part in it.

Static electricity in hair?

Static electricity in hair can cause it to feel dry and it may start floating away from your head. This usually happens when it is not very humid.

How can static electricity be dangerous?

Static electricity can be dangerous when there are inflammable liquids or gases around,1 spark could cause tremendous damage if it ignited the fuel.