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Why does salt float a boat?

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Please clarify your question.

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Can you use a Malibu Echelon boat in salt water?

That answer is a yes because every boat can float in salt water. (Except fake ones).

Why does a boat float in salt water but not a penny?

penny's aren't tall enough!

Density - ability for a boat to float?

It is the displacement of the vessels weight and the freeboard remaining of a vessel that determines whether a vessel will float and or sink. A ship will float higher on salt water (salt water is denser) than if on fresh water (less dense).

Will a boat float on liquid soap?

Yes the boat will float on liquid soap

How can a boat float and don't sink?

because the boat is made out of stuff that can float

Does the amount of water affect the way a boat floats?

A boat will float sideways if the water is too shallow and it touches bottom. Boats will float higher in water with greater salt content. If you fill a boat with water it begins to sink deeper. It all depends on whether you are talking about water outside the boat or water inside the boat.

What is a boat that can float on water?

wow that's sad a boat that can float is any tye of boat that doesnt have a hole in it

Why does salt float?

Salt is soluble in water, doesn't float.

What is the procedure for a boat help it to float in water?

procedure for help boat float in water

Will a boat sink more in fresh water or salt water why?

A boat will sink until the weight of the volume of water pushed aside by the hull is equal to the weight of the boat. Salt water has slightly greater density(weighs more by volume) than fresh water, so a boat will float higher(push less water away) in salt water.

Is it easier to sink or float in salt water?

it is easier to float, salt water has a higher density. The more salt, the easier it is to float.

Does the kind of water you float a boat in make a difference?

yes, if the water has salt in it it will be denser than if it does not, therefore the boat will float more easily e.g. the dead sea. if it's tap water or other water other factors will affect it.

What can float in the water?

A boat can float on the water, and a submarine can float in the water.

Does an egg float in salt water?

Yes it does float in salt water.

How can you make a ball of clay float?

by making a boat and that way a boat can float anytime in water

Why wont a paper boat float on normal water?

Because a paper boat does not have balance to float

Will a egg float in salt water?

Yes, and egg will float in salt water.

Does salt always float?

Salt (sodium chloride) doesn't float on water; salt is soluble in water.

Why will an egg sink in tap water?

It can float with salt in the water. If it is not fresh but spoiled and there is no salt in water, it can float. If it is fresh with no salt in water, it can't float.

What paper boat floats the longest?

The paper boat with the largest volume will float the longest basically the largest paper boat will float the longest.

Why do substances float on salt water?

Substances that float float better in salt water then in fresh water because salt water is more dense as a result of the salt that is dissolves in the water.

How do objects float higher in salt water?

Objects float higher in salt water due the density caused by the salt, the more salt present in the water the higher the object will float.

What in salt makes an egg float in water?

nothing is in salt to make a egg float salt is a chemical smarticals

Why eggs float in salt water?

eggs float in salt water as they have a lower density than the salt water

Can aluminum float?

Normally, no but it can be made into a boat shape which will float

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