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Because you needed sodium found in salt.

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Q: Why does salt stop cramping?
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How do you stop cramping in ribs?

To stop cramping in the ribs it is important to first find out why there is cramping. The ribs are tender and can crack or shift easily. It is best to seek medical help for this reason.

Will cramping stop baby from kicking?


Is it normal for the cramping to stop during early pregnancy?

Yes. Cramping during early pregnancy comes and goes.

Can a infection stop your period and cause cramping?

Yes it can

Can you have bad cramping when you stop taking birth control?


Why is it necessary to have salt be a part of our lives in moderation?

A lack of salt, or rock salt in the human body will result in cramping. Over time this could emaciate your muscle strength and potentially impact mobility.

Can you stop rinsing salt water a week after tooth extractions?

when can i stop with salt water after a tooth extraction

What is mean stop the period?

to stop cramping use some aleve, for bleeding just wear tampons or pads, you cant stop it unless you get surgery, buts thats 5,00 on that!

Is there any methads you can do to stop your cramping?

First you should never eat or drink anything. And what you should do is lay down in a dark room with no light at all.Then curl up into a ball until the cramping stops.

How does pouring salt over a fire help stop it?

Pouring slat over a fire does not stop it unless the quantity of salt used is enough to cover the source of fuel. While salt will not itself burn, there is no intrinsic property of salt that suppresses fire.

How do you stop menstrual cramps?

Try placing heat (such as a heating pad) where you are cramping. Or you could try those hot patches.

Is it normal to have severe cramping and irregular bleeding after you stop birth control?

ya you should go see someone as in a doctor

How does salt affect the growth of seeds?

Salt has a chemical in it that will stop the growth of anything.

Can cramping be a sign of pregnancy?

Of course! Cramping is a normal symptom Cramping can be caused by many things. If you have no other signs and symptoms, cramping is not a sign of pregnancy.

What do you do when your salt is too high?

Stop adding salt to your food. Put the salt shaker away. Drink more water.

What is a salt halter?

The answer is "avast, matey." Salt can refer to a sailor and avast means stop.

What is cramping tools?

what is a cramping tool

Does sucking on a lemon delay your period?

it will stop it for like two days or so. Cramping can also occur by this, but meds can take the cramps away.

How does salt stop apples from rotting?

Salt stops an apple from rotting due to its antibacterial properties.

Does salt stop ice from melting?

No, salt does not stop ice from melting. In fact if the temperature is not too low it will cause ice to melt.

Will salt stop Gatorade from freezing?


What can you add to water to stop it from freezing?


What can you put in water to stop it from freezing?


How do you stop a sugar rush?

Water and salt.

When you do the salt and ice challenge will it stop burning?