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You may be doing something wrong. If the walls or opening of your vagina feel sore, you may not be well lubricated. Your body produces a natural lubricant, but sometimes it just isn't adequate, or you may not be excited enough to begin to produce enough. You can use many products such as KY jelly, just check any store, even grocery stores or Walmart for example, carry these products--usually by the condoms. Look for a water-based 'personal lubricant'. Also, be sure that your partner is giving you enough foreplay so that you are ready for penetration. Don't be afraid to say that you are not ready yet or, reach for some lube. The question does not imply what type of sexual act is in question. Is it being performed normally, "in the back door", with artificial objects. You see, the question is very limited, yet they request specific info. Performing sex is like playing Basketball, still no pain. But body parts do feel pain, like sore muscles.

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Q: Why does sex begin to hurt and feel sore while doing it for only a few minutes?
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