Why does sex hurt your boyfriend?


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Sex can hurt for people doing it for the first time because there genitals aren't used to it yet.

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because u are not ready yet. once u become v"wet", then his fingering wont hurt

You can make your boyfriend hurt by poking him in the eye!

You have to be a bit carful when your having sex when your on top. The mans penis can be hurt if you do it a couple different ways. Ask him, also if your putting it in, be careful not to bend it, I did that once and he said that hurt like hell. You know men are the weaker sex:)

Sex shouldn't hurt, if it does they may be something wrong. Sex should only hurt a little bit on your first time.

Well, it's like this, when a young girl makes love to her boyfriend for the first time, it does hurt and it hurts even more when your hymen breaks.

To really want your boyfriend. Become super turned on and lots of lube. Relax as much as you can. The more you desire it, the less it will hurt. Most of the time, virginity sex does not hurt.

No it does not hurt for men.

If you are doing it right, no, it doesn't hurt, it feels very good.

no , my boyfriend and i had sex for the first time , and it hurt so he couldn't get all the way in . but my hymn did break.

No but I like it to hurt a little

True, for the man, sex feels really good, and satisfying, but if it hurts, then get a doctor involved. It should NOT hurt for the man.

Yes it does hurt the girl, when he has anal sex.

Sex can hurt with any girl for the first time, no matter what size she is

I know am not a girl, but my boyfriend is my sex partner.

Normally it shouldn't hurt at all. Either you are new to sex (it may hurt a bit at first), too young to have sex, or you have some problem that should be checked with a doctor.

then he's really not worth it... sex is something that should be saved for when you're ready... don't have sex just because your boyfriend says he wants it

No. Losing your virginity doesn't hurt.

It depends, if you are a virgin, then yes but if you are not then no. Are you a virgin? If you have never "done it" (if you are a virgin) then your vagina has not stretched yet, so it will hurt. The first time I did it, hurt. Now, I have had it so many times, that is is just really satisfying, and does NOT hurt. My boyfriend goes really, really deep in there, and it feels really good. But yeh, if its your first time, it will definitely hurt!;)

Sex can feel like many of things. Sex can feel good to some and can hurt too if it is your first time.

If you had protected sex with your boyfriend the day after your conception date. then who ever you had unprotected sex wit on the day of conception is the father.

If you are a girl and you have a boyfriend.. Then the boyfriend will pressure you into having sex.

The dog sex position may hurt the woman most. Refer to link below.

Sex does not always hurt. The pain that is felt is the soreness of your genitals after sex. Rough sex and prolonged sex will make your genitals sore from over working them. The more sex that is had, the more your genitals get sex to the friction and the soreness that is accompanied from having sex. Pain usually decreases when you have sex alot.

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