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Why does she say talk soon?

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Just another one of those speak easy replies that leaves the end open. If soon to you is two days, it may be five to her. You dont have to wait forever, if a few days go by call her. Women still do like being pursue and wooed. If she doesnt seem interested, move on, there are alot of gals out there looking for a nice guy and you cant wait forever.

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How do you say talk soon in Hebrew?

talk soon = lehitra'ot (להתראות)

How do you say talk to you soon in Punjabi?

Talk to you soon = Jaldi gal karange

How do you say talk soon in portuguese?

"Falemos logo" is the translation for "let's talk soon".

How do you say Talk to you soon in Spanish?

To say talk to you soon in Spanish you would say, hablar con usted pronto. To say okay call me, you would say bien llamarme.

How do you say 'talk to you soon' in Russian?

talk to you soon - до скорого (dah sko-ro-vah)

How do you say talk to you soon in German?

Bis bald!

How do you say talk to soon in Norwegian?

Vi snakkes!

How do you say 'talk with you soon' or 'talk to you soon' in Spanish?

Hablaré con tigo prontoTe hablo pronto

How do you say talk to you soon in french?

je te parle bientôt

How do you say Hope to talk to you soon in french?

esperons vous parler bientot

How do you say talk to you soon in Armenian?

heto ku xhosank heto ku xhosank

How do you say 'talk soon and goodbye' in spanish?

Hablar pronto y adios

How do you say talk to you soon in Samoan?

Ta toe talanoa i se taimi lata mai.

How do you say We need to talk very soon in German?

Wir müssen sehr bald sprechen

How do i say talk to you soon to my aunt in spanish?

Le hablo luego No me tardo en hablarle

How do you say Je te parleraiย bientรดtย in English?

"I'll talk to you soon"

How do you get Ditto in platinum?

talk to the owner of the Pokemon manshion and he will soon say there was a cute eyed ditto in his garden

How do you say 'goodbye and talk soon' in French?

Salut et on se reparlera bientôt

What does it mean when a guy says that he will talk to you soon?

Most of the time they either say that to be cool or if they like you. I am a guy myself and i say that so i know.

How do you find cubone?

Get the national dex and talk to Dawn in Sandgem town. Keep talking to her and doing what she suggests. Pretty soon she'd say something about her sister. Talk to the sister and pretty soon she'll tell where cubone is. (Temporarely)

If a woman tells you talk soon what does she mean?

This is quite simple, obviously she means she'll talk to you soon.

How do you make new friends in ps2?

say hi sweetly then say wanna talk the get to know each other soon you'll be bffl/bff

What does it mean when aguy says will chat soon?

He will talk to you soon

How do you say 'talk soon' in French?

parlez bientot Wrong ! Equivalent is more like : 'à bientôt'

What do you say when you and your girlfriend don't know what to talk about?

Tell her she's beautiful, flirt. tell her something you have planned soon or what you did today.