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It doesn't.

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Q: Why does silver iodide melt faster than vanillin?
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Why does silver iodide have a higher melting point than vanillin?

The attractive forces holding the molecules of silver iodide together (intermolecular forces) are stronger than those in vanillin, therefore they require more energy to break them. The attractive forces between two molecules of silver iodide are much stronger than the attractive forces between two molecules of vanilin. This is due to the different types of bonds found in each molecule - silver iodide molecules contain ionic bonds, which are very strong, while vanilin molecules contain covalent bonds which are a lot weaker. Since the attractive forces are higher in silver iodide, it requires a lot more energy (i.e. heat) to break these attractive forces in order to melt silver iodide, therefore it has a much higher melting point than vanilin. The bonding of atoms.

Does wood or silver melt or burn faster?

You cannot melt wood, You cannot burn silver, within the above.

Does potassium iodide melt easily when heated?

Potassium iodide, like salts in general, has a high melting point. It does not melt easily when heated.

Why silver iodide is preferred for artificial rain?

Solid silver iodide is preferred as a nucleator for artificially stimulated rain because its crystal lattice parameters are close to those of ice, and for that reason are more effective than other salts in causing small ice crystals in clouds to melt.

Does potassium iodide melt ice?


Does potassium iodide melt?


Does butter melt faster in the sun or under a lamp?

butter melt faster in the sun

Does potassium iodide melt in a Bunsen flame?

Yes Melting point of potassium iodide: 681 0C

What temp does silver melt at?

750 or higher will melt silver

Does an ice cube melt faster in water or in the air?

melt faster in water.

Does an ice cube melt faster with salt or vinegar?

it melt faster with salt

What melt ice faster salt or sand?

Salt will melt ice faster.

Will ice melt faster in a plastic or glass container by itself?

it would melt faster in a glass container faster.

Which would melt faster ice cream or yogurt?

Ice cream will melt faster than yogurt, as yogurt does not melt.

Do ice cubes melt faster with different objects in it?

yes ice cubes do melt faster with different objects in it like hoter objrcts will melt it faster tho

Does salt flour or sugar melt ice faster?

salt helps it melt faster!!!!!

How will the sun melt ice faster?

the sun will melt the ice faster cause it is warm.

Do ice melt faster with salt or without salt?

Ice melt faster with salt.

Why does ice melt faster in warm temperature?

Ice melt faster in a warmer temperature because the molecules in ice move more freely in a warmer temperature allowing it to melt faster.

Does an ice cube melt faster on soil?

No, an ice cube doesn't melt faster in soil.

Can silver melt in a volcano?

Yes it can melt

Do ice cubes melt faster in hot water or cold water?

They melt faster in hot water.

What does an ice cube melt faster in?

Ice cubes melt faster in a more heated place or situation.

Does ice cream melt faster in the shade or the sun?

The sun will melt the ice faster cause it is warm.

Which will melt faster ice or candy?

Ice will melt faster because when it get to the sun it would already be melting