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Women spend more time improving their looks than men do because society puts more pressure on women to be attractive. Women are largely valued more on their beauty than their personality or intelligence. If it were socially acceptable, and considered attractive, for women to have unwaxed eyebrows and legs I doubt any of them would spend the time to do it. Because generally, they are. ;) Which gender tends to spend a lot of money on cosmetics? Who ends up having more shoes? Who obsesses over matching an outfit and whether it makes them look "fat". Which gender is willing to go through pain to pluck eyebrows and have hair "waxed" off their legs? Society doesnt just THINK women are more obsessed with looks, they truly are. Who can spend just as much time looking at their muscles in the mirror or that new hairy face. Who goes to gym to work out (take a look at the board to see how many guys are into body building) and who is worried if they are good looking enough or if their sexual love-making is good enough or if their penis is long or too short. Both sexes are neck-in-neck with the acception that yes, women are more into clothing, hair and cosmetics because if we didn't you guys wouldn't quit whining. You made us what we are!

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Q: Why does society think women are more obsessed with their looks than men?
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Women are often judges far more about their looks and appearances than men are.

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Women are not as shallow as you think. If you can get into her heart she will desire you no matter what you look like. People pay too much attention to looks and forget that it is what is inside that counts. Even you do when you think that you are unattractive. When you see the beauty in you others will see it too; it's true. How to win her heart: Smile at her and be thoughtful and kind. Women like wittiness so think of clever things to say. Wink at her when she catches you looking. Be honest. Be a good friend. Look out for her interests. And above all, listen when she talks. Most men don't bother to listen to women and that is our pet peeve about them. As for the looks, the above answer is correct. Looks are not important to the majority of women.

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