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What will make soda bubble more?

baking soda makes it bubble it usally makes everything bubble

How long does it take to dissolve a skittle in soda?

about 11 or 12 hours

What substance could make a soda bubble up?

Carbon Dioxide could make a soda bubble

What causes soda to bubble when poured on ice?

The same thing that causes soda to bubble when it is poured on almost anything.

Why do bubbles rise up in a bottle of soda?

Because the volume of soda the bubble displaces is heavier than the gas in the bubble.

What type of skittle will react to baking soda?

NO one likes you. You should use m and M's

Why does soda bubble?

Carbonation and/or sugar.

What is the effect of baking soda and vinegar?

when the vinegar and baking soda meet, they bubble

What does CO2 do in carbonated soda?

Carbonated soda has CO2 in it because the gas make the soda bubble and fizz.

What is in the soda that makes it bubble up?

The caffeine.

Are bubble forming in a soda an example of exothermic reaction?

Bubble forming is not mandatory an exothermic reaction.

What makes soda bubble up?

carbon dioxide

Is there an ingredient in soda that makes it bubble?

carbon dioxide

What reaction would baking soda and sprite make?

Baking soda and Sprite bubble and fizzle

What will be the reaction when you add lime to baking soda?

The acid in the lime juice will make the soda bubble.

What happens if you mixed baking soda and milk?

it will bubble up

How does baking soda change the temperature of water?

it changes it because when you add baking soda to water it starts to bubble/boil up which mean when something bubble that mean that the temperature is rising because water boils at 100 degrees so therefor baking soda has some type of chemical that makes it bubble up

Is soda made of carbon dioxide?

Yes. Soda is made with carbon dioxide which is the gas that makes it fizz and bubble.

What happens when baking soda and club soda are mixed?

It will most likely make the substances bubble up a lot.

What happens when vinegar and baking soda are mixed together?

it starts to bubble

Why does it bubble when you mix vinegar with baking soda?

The development of carbon dioxide.

Soda water reaction with baking soda?

the chemistry inside both things are atracted to each other and they bubble up.

Witch loses its color faster an MM or skittle?

a skittle will

What happens if the skittle guy touches a skittle?

He feels the rainbow

What kind of original skittle is the most popular?

The red skittle