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Sound travels in waves, these waves need a medium to travel through. Think about water in the ocean, without the water, there would be no waves. Same concept.

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Do sound waves need a material to travel in?

sound wave need material becuse sound wave formed by compresion and rarefaction

Does sound need a material to travel through?

Sound (and vibration) are a wave system of sequential compressions and rarefactions of a material. These waves are mechanical and do need a substance through which to travel. They cannot travel through a vacuum.

Where does sound not travel?

outer space because you need some kind of physical material for sound to travel through and there's none of that in space

How does sound propagate?

sound needs a material medium to travel. Sound can travel by compression and rarefactions.attma

Does sound need a medium?

Yes. Sound is a mechanical wave. That means that there must be some material vibrating. Sound doesn't travel at all through vacuum, where there's no physical material.

How sound waves travel through a material?

Vibrations travel through the material, just as they would in air. How well they travel through depends on the material.

Why can electromagnetic waves travel through space and not sound waves?

Sound waves need a physical material to carry them, but electromagnetic waves don't.

Which material does a sound go fastest through?

The denser the material medium, the faster the speed of sound will be, thus sound will travel fastst through the densest material.

How do sound waves travel what do sound waves need in order to travel?

sound waves bounce off of walls. they need air to travel.

Can sound travel through other kinds of material than air if so does it travel differently?

Sound can travel through all matter. The speed at which it travels depends on the density of the material.

Why sound can not travel without air?

Sound is a vibration of some physical material. There has to be a physical material for sound to travel through, from place to place. It doesn't have to be air. Water and rock work fine.

Why does the sound not travel through vacuum?

The sound not travel through vacuum because sound need a medium to travel.

Can sound travel through vacuum tube?

Sound cannot travel through vacuum, but unless there is sufficient insulation, sound might travel through the material the tube is made of.

What type of material can travel through space?

Sound and Light can travel through space.

Sound waves do not travel through what?

Sound wave do not travel through vaccum as it need medium to travel.

How do sound waves travel through materials?

The sound is made of vibration so as it moves, it vibrates the material to carry the sound. This also depends on what kind of material.

Which travel faster a radio wave or sound wave?

A radio wave travels about 874,000 times as fast as a sound wave,plus it doesn't need any material to move through, as sound does.

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