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Because they like them better

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What types of materials does heat not travel through?

Heat can and does travel through all matter. It's just that some materials carry it much slower than others, and these are called insulators. The best ones being foam type materials.

What mediums can heat waves travel through?

Heat in the form of infrared radiation can travel through many mediums, and some better than others. It can also travel through the vacuum of space. The more transparent the medium is to infrared radiation, the better it will travel through it.

Which is true heat can travel well through all materials or heat can travel well through some materials?

Some, but not all. Some materials are insulators- heat does not travel well through them.

Can sound travel through different materials?

Sound can travel through a variety of materiels.

What materials can sound travel through?

sound can travel through air , water and lots more

Waves travel quicker through solid gases?

Waves travel faster through denser materials. However, Electromagnetic waves travel faster through less dense materials. It travels fastest in vacuum.

Why can't sound travel easily through some materials?

Sound needs a medium to travel. It cannot travel through a vaccum.

What is a material that light can't travel through?

light cant travel through opague materials, or anything you cant see through.

Can electomagnetic waves travel through a medium?

yes, they travel through water, air, even solid materials. electromagnetic waves can also travel through a vacuum.

What materials does sound travel through easily?

Sound travels faster through materials with higher densities, like metals

Does magnetism travel through all materials?

Yes, yes it does. Yes because it can travel through anything 102 degrees

What types of materials can sound not travel through?

Sound needs a medium in order to travel. Thus, it cannot travel through vacuums, like space.

What do electoromagnetic waves travel through?

The name is "electromagnetic waves". They can travel through empty space, and - depending on the specific frequency - through certain materials. For example, light can travel through glass.

What type of materials do S and P waves travel through?

P waves travel through solids, liquids, and gases. S waves travel through solids only.

Materials through which light can travel in straight lines are?


Does light travel at different speeds through different materials?


Can heat travel well through some materials?

yes can

Do sounds travel through different materials?

Yes they do.

What materials do not let heat travel through are called?

Insulators- do not let heat through

What materials will sound travel through?

Sound waves will travel through gases, liquids, and solids. Sound waves cannot pass through a vacuum.

What materials travel through air?

Small enough pieces of anything.

Sound waves can travel through?

I'm pretty sure they can travel through matter It depends on the matter, but many materials will transmit sound.

In a perfect vacuum, light waves travel at 300,000 kilometers every second. When light waves travel through materials, such as air, they?

slow down.

Why can light travel through transparent materials such as glass but not through non-transparent materials such as wood?

Electromagnetic radiation passes through materials it does not interact strongly with and which do not present many interfaces where there is a transition between materials of different density.

Why do sound waves travel faster in liquids and solids than in air?

because waves travel faster through denser materials like the above materials.

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