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Why does sugar cubes dissolve faster in water than in sprite?


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because the water has no mixture of more then one item , and Sprite has carbohydrates that slows it down.

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Stirring the water and using hot water will help the sugar cube dissolve faster

Granulated sugar has more surface area exposed to the coffee, therefore it will dissolve faster.

I never heard of crushed water. Crushed ice (which sugar cubes don't dissolve in at all), but not crushed water. Let's see here: sugar dissolves faster in hot water than cold. And crushed sugar cubes, because the sugar has more surface area, dissolve faster than cold ones.

If the two types of sugar are equivalent, then grains of sugar will dissolve faster than cubes of sugar because it has much higher surface area. The higher the surface area, the more interaction of sugar molecules with the water, and thus faster dissolution.

Energy in the form of heat increases molecular motion and kinetic energy making it easier to dissolve solutes such as sugar.

yes it will because of the fiz in soda

Sugar granules dissolve in water more quickly than sugar cubes, because sugar granules have more surface area than sugar cubes.

Sugar dissolve faster in water.

Probably crushed - this would expose more surface to the liquid.

Sugarcubes dissolve fastest crushed and in hot water because more of the surface of the grains is touched, and the heated molecules are looser and move faster.

Yes, but they do dissolve slower than salt cubes, and yes there are such things

Sugar should dissolve faster in a liquid.

Vinegar is a mild acid. Thus it eats away at the solid sugar as well as dissolving sugar, as a liquid like H2O.

no raw sugar does not dissolve faster than caster sugar.

If the solution process absorbs energy, then increasing the temperature increases solubility, and vice versa. The sugar and water solution process absorbs energy; hence increase the temperature, and the sugar solubility increases."Sugar cubes dissolve into liquids making tasty drinks!"

-crushed because these sugar particles are broken down faster than whole.the solute sugar will dissolved with the solvent water forming a solution.

well in sugar cubes there is a thing that sticks it all together and i will take a long time to melt but sugar grains will dessolve faster because it is not stuck together

Sugar granules are spread out, increasing surface area between the granules and the water. With sugar cubes, there is less surface area because the sugar is packed into a cube. One factor in rate of reaction is surface area: the larger the surface area, the faster the reaction.

Candy corn is mostly sugar and Sprite is mostly water, sugar dissolves in water.

Seconds in hot water. The colder the water the longer. If you keep adding sugar to a glass of water and stir as you go, you will reach a point where the water will no longer melt the sugar.

because of the nutrients

A sugar cube would dissolve faster than a single sugar crystal of the same mass because it has a greater surface area (sugar cubes aren't solid; they're lots of little sugar crystals stuck together). The difference in speed between a sugar cube and normal (small) sugar crystals ought to be negligible with the crystals having perhaps a slight edge.

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