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Suntan lotions are a mixture of chemicals that block various Ultra Violet rays.

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Where is the keychain in wimpy boardwalk?

Once you find the guy on the end of the beach you should trade suntan lotions with him. He then will start to flirt with u by asking you to rub suntan lotion on him. Rub it everywhere( even down "there") and enjoy your time!

Is mirror a transparent translucent or opaque?

a mirror is translucent even though it looks transparent.

How do you make your skin white permanently?

Wear a very high factor suntan lotion to help keep your natural White skin colour, even in spring times.

What chemicals are in sun tan lotions?

There are different brands of suntan lotion with different formulations. Even the actual blocking agent varies: it may be a metal oxide or an organic chemical like para-aminobenzoic acid.

What lotions begin with the letter k?

Keri lotion, kai body lotion, Klaron Lotion, and even Kwell lotion (for scabies).

Why glass is transparent even though it is made of sand?

Because after you process sand to glass it becomes a homogeneous fluid and most of the impurities are removed, hence is becomes clearer and more transparent

Do the goldfish eat snail eggs?

If they spot them they will eat them. Being almost transparent they are extremely hard to spot though. Even the tiny snails are transparent for a while until they grow their hard shell.

What is chiffon properties?

lightweight, usually quite transparent, very fine, strong even though it seems very weak, thin

How do you use the word 'transparent' in a sentence?

The transparent plastic made a good window. The ploy was transparent to even the most casual observer.

What is often responsible for coral reef destruction?

Water pollution is one of the major things that destroys coral reef. When I went snorkeling in the Bahamas, we weren't allowed to wear any kind of sunblock, suntan lotion, etc. into the water, because even that can destroy coral reef.

Can clindamycin make you drowsy?

Yes. Even the lotion. It did for me

Why is glass transparent?

When the electrons in molecules are unable to absorb the energy of incident photon, the photon continues along its path. This happens in the case of glass, even though glass is not 100 percent transparent, as some of the photon energy is absorbed by the glass electrons.

How long after shaving should you apply lotion?

Lotion helps prevent razor burn and is good if applied as soon as possible. You can even shave with lotion, but it clogs your razor faster but is good if your in a hurry.

What are some important uses of emeralds?

they can be used for jewelry and even lotion!

How does sunlight affect the environment?

Sunlight may affect the environment if you spend more money suntan lotion, (factories may have to make more) affecting the environment. Although without you even knowing you my be affecting the environment because you may have been using you air conditioning (more air conditioning more petrol/diesel ect.).

Can you eat lotion to moisturize your throat?

No. This is not a food and may cause damage or even be a poison. Please don't do that, it's not a safe idea. Lotion is not for eating.

What is the difference between perfume and lotion?

Perfume is a liquid you spray on your self to make you smell nice and lotion is a cream you apply to your skin to make it nice. Perfume is also added to lotion to make it smell better. Even unscented lotion has perfume in it in order to mask its chemicals.

What color are candirus?

Candirus are often light blue or even transparent.

Is salt opaque?

Nah I think it's transparent. Even slightly.

Is it unatrractive to have dry cracked ashy skin?

you should so wear lotion cuz even real men wear lotion yes you should always wear lotion cuz if you dont those are some of the side affects

Is a moonstone a mineral?

Well, moonstone IS a mineral, even though it is called moon''stone''. Rocks are more transparent,(grayish)and less see through. Rocks also doesn't have a crystal form.

Why are epidermal cells of a plant transparent?

So that photosynthesis can be preformed, due to photons of light passing though the epidermis, in the mesophyll cells. Even in C4 plants the light reactions are in the mesophyll cells.

What color pantyhose with a red dress?

You can use black as that colour matches with everything and its a good mix with red or you can choose suntan or even white.

Is sodium chloride transparent when added to ethanol?

Sodium chloride (NaCl or table salt) doesn't even dissolve in ethanol. So it just stays in there. NOT TRANSPARENT

What is a diamond's transparency?

Gem-quality diamonds -- only about 20% of all diamonds mined -- are transparent, some flawlessly transparent. A gem-stone diamond's transparency can range from transparent or sub-transparent to translucent. Industrial diamonds -- 75% of all diamonds mined -- are not transparent at all, but are even cloudy to dull. you can see through it if it is a gem-quality diamond