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one of the ssensors got water in it

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โˆ™ 2004-10-25 17:13:48
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Q: Why does the 'Service Engine Soon' light come on after driving through 3 plus inches of snow or a puddle of water or a rainstorm?
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Why does engine run rough until service engine soon light comes on then runs smooth driving?

Depends on the code. Get it checked.

Have picture of orange car with spanner through it what does this mean?

engine service is due

Why does your 1992 corvette service engine light come on and then dies while you are driving?

The service engine soon light comes on when the engine computer has detected a malfunction and set a code. You need to have the system checked for codes to know possible causes.

What does it mean service engine soon on a ford escort 2002?

When the "service engine soon" light comes on inside your 2002 Ford Escort, it means that a sensor has told the engine that it is time for a scheduled service. This is generally timed at a certain number of miles or after a certain period of driving time.

Your engine failed after driving through a flood who is liable?

You are. Don't drive through a flood. A car engine was not intended to be submerged in water, particularly dirty flood water.

Vauxhall vectra engine symbol with spanner through it light and loss of power why?

its the engine management light or the service light

Engine shakes while driving and not driving?

engine rubber mounts or timin out

Would water flood cause engine sensor failure?

Driving through flood water would cause the ignition to fail and stall the engine.

Where can one get engine services for a Ford in Hull?

One can get engine services for a Ford in Hull through many garages that are available and through Classic 900 which help you find the service you are looking for.

What harm or danger could occur by driving while service engine light is on steady?

You can drive the car but should have the vehicle checked soon as possible. BUT if the service engine soon light is flashing, stop the vehicle when it is safe to do so then shut off the engine immediately. If you continue to drive the vehicle with the service engine soon light flashing you will do catastrophic damage to the catalytic converter(s).

Not check engine service engine light?

The service engine light is the same thing as a check engine light.

When is the first oil change on 2012 BMW 535i?

When the engine is turned off the next service time or driving distance display is shown

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