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Why does the 1994 Buick Roadmaster shut off while running and appear to be out of gas then must sit for about 10 minutes before it will restart again?

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2011-09-14 00:07:20

Can you hear fuel pump after the car quits by turning the key on

and off ? If you can't it's the fuel pump relay or pump. Does it

only happen after the car has warmed right up ? If that's the case

check how much exhaust is coming out of the tail pipe after it's

warmed up! If there isn't much coming out your catyltic converter

is pluged and needs to be replaced. This happened to me. Car would

run fine until it warmed right up then stuff in converter would

expand and choke exhaust off and car would die. After it cooled off

stuff would contract and car would run fine again. Good luck...Rick


This happen to me. the problem was the Fuel tank sending


It could also be the fuel pump strainer. When it is clogged it

collapses and cuts off fuel to the engine. You have to wait a while

before it will start back up.

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