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Someone will have to look at it. The air gap may be wrong or ???

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โˆ™ 2004-09-26 09:07:05
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Q: Why does the AC compressor work on an 87 SS just click when turned on?
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What does the work in a pneumatic system?

Generally just an air compressor, and air.

If my Ac compressor is siezed will my heat work?

Yes just as long as you do not turn on the a/c..............

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I wired into the 20A washer breaker for additional outlet plug for a 15A air compresser but when the washer is turned on the breaker is thrown why and the compressor is not on?

Could be anything at fault. Unplug the compressor and try using your washer. If it works, then you have a fault with your compressor. If it still doesn't work, do what should have been done in the first place: call an electrician.

Can a window wall air conditioner be installed on its side?

Absolutely not!! It will ruin it. It is designed to work in a wall in a horizontal position. The compressor depends on internal oil to keep itself lubricated and cool ,,,,The oil will plug up the compressor and just not work.

How does a compressor in heavy vehicle work?

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You put an ac compressor in your 97 mustang and its making noiseswhat could it be?

The system is very dirty from the first compressor that went out....... If you just replaced the a/c compressor without changing the expansion tube, the accumulator and flushing out the complete system then it will never work correctly......

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