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It is drawing too much current. If you aren't certified for AC repair, roll the windows down and drive to your favorite shop.

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Q: Why does the AC fuse keep blowing?
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What would make the fuse keep blowing for AC on 1986 IROCZ?

Your ugly stupid.

What makes the AC fuse keep blowing in Chevy Astro?

A bad diode can cause the 10a fuse to blow. (it looks like a fuse that is located above and left of the AC fuse)

Why does your 1998 Volvo S80 keep blowing a fuse when the AC compressor kicks on?

Compressor has seized.

Ac fuse keeps blowing?

Compressor may be locked up.

What do you do if the fuses keep blowing?

Find out why the fuse is blowing. You have a short or the circuit is overloaded.

Would a battery going bad cause a fuse to keep blowing out?

not usually!!if fuse is blowing out check for short!!

Why do my abs fuse keep blowing?

Obviously, if any fuse keeps blowing there is a serious fault in that circuit.Take it somewhere they can fix it.

What might cause a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd to keep blowing the 20 amp fuse that controls the AC compressor?

If it blows the second you try to switch to ac it's probably the coil in the ac compressor.

Why do you keep blowing AC fuses in your 1997 Isuzu Rodeo?

if you are blowing fuses DO NOT ignore it. most likely you have a short between the fuse box and the ac compressor, you will probly have to rip out the dash to find it, its not easy, seriusly pay someone that knows what there doing to fix it.

2003 Toyota Echo Ac stoped blowing air where is blower located?

If the AC stopped blowing air on your 2003 Toyota Echo, the blower fuse could be to blame. If the fuse is fine, it might be the blower resistor that needs to be replaced.

Why does the 20 amp fuse for the starter-fuel keep blowing on your 2002 sebring convertible?

It is very common for the starter to be the cause of that fuse blowing.

Why would the air conditioner fuse keep blowing in a 2000 Chevy S 10?

Assuming the heater works fine, you have a short, probably in the AC compressor clutch.

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