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All air conditioners on all cars have a drain hole. Most even have a small tube attached to it. It allows condensation that gets built up on the evaporator to drain to the outside of the car. If that drain gets plug, it will drain inside of the car instead. If you take a clotheshanger get under the car and locate the drain. Look for a small tube. On most cars it's located on the passenger side of car. Run the clotheshanger up the tube work it around to loosen any debre. I would suggest to run your air for a few minutes first so you can verify any drianage. If that doesn't cure the problem and you've cleared the drain then your evaporator housing could be crack or some kind of seal may be bad. Like perhaps a two part housing that has a bad seal.

if that doesn't work it's probably a bad heater core and will need replaced.

I believe I might have a good answer for this. This came out of Alldata. You need to install the new Wiper Pivot Shaft Grommets, part numbers MN154877 and MN154878 for the drivers side. These will keep water from entering the blower motor. Water entry can cause blower motor failure. This problem affects 2002-2003 lancers. The technical service bulletin is 0351001.

  • Remove the wiper arms.
  • place the new grommets on each wiper pivot shaft
  • using a flat screwdriver, press the new grommet downward under the front deck
  • reinstall the wiper arms
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Q: Why does the AC leak water inside the car under the glove compartment?
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