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Q: Why does the Bengal bamboo live in a tropical moist area?
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What is a moist sub tropical area?

the world

What is a moist and densely wooded area usually found in a warm tropical and wet climate?

rain forest.

What a moist densely wooded area usually found in a warm tropical and wet climate?

it is a rain forest

What is a bamboo adaptation?

In moist soil condition of tropic and subtropic areas.a desert irrigated by water can be transformed into bamboo forest and be able to cool down that area by about 2 C temperature or more.

What does Bengal in Bengal Tiger mean?

The "Bengal" in "Bengal Tiger" refers to an area in Asia. Roughly, it is the area of Bangladesh.

Where is marijuana indigenous?

in south africa (more tropical area's) the carrabian and places where its hot and moist with lots of sun xx

What are the major biotic factors an the tropical rainforest?

Biotic factors in the tropical rainforest are bamboo, ferns, sloths, lemurs, and insects. Abiotic factors include the temperature, sunlight, and climate in the area.

What is the area of West Bengal?

The area of West Bengal is 88,752 square kilometers.

Definition of Tropical Wet?

The basic meaning of tropical wet is it is an area that is moist for all months of the year. It also has to have an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius or higher all year long.

What eats slime mold in a tropical rain forest?

Nematodes, they love to eat slime mold especially in a moist area like the rain forest

Where have malaria?

In moist area

Why does alveoli need to provide a large moist surface area?

why do organisms need a moist surface area

Why do amphibians like moist area?

they need to keep there skin moist

What are the area code of pan card offices in west Bengal?

West bengal

Hawaiis area and where it ranks in area?

it is a cool but tropical place it ranks at tropical

What is the area of Tropical Park?

The area of Tropical Park is 1,112,885.51616 square meters.

What is the Bay of Bengal area Coast?


Bay of Bengal area ...coast?


What is an area of moist soil such as a swamp?


What is the land area of East Bengal?

East Bengal, formerly East Pakistan, now BANGLA-DESH has an area of 55,126 mi2 or (142,776 km2).

Do Bengal tigers lives in a swampy area?


Is armenia tropical?

Armenia is not tropical. Armenia is located in a mountainous area.

Where do Madagascar bugs live?


What environment does the monarch butterfly live in?

in a moist area.

What are earwigs niche?

moist area with lots of vegetation