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This is in line with the allegory of the Church being the bride of Christ.

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What are eight of the names used in the Bible or church to refer to the Holy Bible?

Bible, Scripture, Word, Letter, Message. There are some of the ones I have heard.

Another word for churches found in the bible?

Congregation is used to refer to church in many Bibles.

Which denomination worships in a church?

Virtually every denomination worships God in a Church building. But the Bible doesn't refer to "the church" as a building, but as a people. The church in God's eyes are His people, not buildings.

What does the term early church mean?

Church would refer to a body of believers. It could also refer to the church building.

When was Immanuel Bible Church created?

Immanuel Bible Church was created in 1964.

When was Wasilla Bible Church created?

Wasilla Bible Church was created in 1977.

When was Bible Missionary Church created?

Bible Missionary Church was created in 1955.

When was Church of Bible Understanding created?

Church of Bible Understanding was created in 1971.

When was Bible Christian Church created?

Bible Christian Church was created in 1815.

When was Bible Presbyterian Church created?

Bible Presbyterian Church was created in 1938.

When was McLean Bible Church created?

McLean Bible Church was created in 1961.

How is the bible used in a church?

The Bible in the church is used to speak and pray about religion.

When was Bible Fellowship Church created?

Bible Fellowship Church was created in 1952.

How many times is the word body is mention in the bible?

152 times, but many of these references, especially in the New Testament refer to the body of Christ and to the church.

What religion is a Bible church?

Christian. The Bible is the authoritative book of teaching for Christians. A Bible church, if it is true to its name will put its emphasis on following the Bible.

Why is comfirmation and baptism taught in a church?

Baptism is in the bible, and the church learns form the bible, this is why its taught.

When was Mars Hill Bible Church created?

Mars Hill Bible Church was created in 1999.

When was Chapel Hill Bible Church created?

Chapel Hill Bible Church was created in 1973.

What does the Bible say about birth control?

The Bible does not refer to birth control.

How did the bible refer to Assyria?

the River

Do the Amish believe in the Bible?

Yes, they believe in the bible. They use the Bible for basing new rules for the church. Preachers and Deacons of the Amish church use the bible for messages.

Where is the Bible kept in the church?

every church is different

What is a Lectern in a Church?

a lectern in a church is a stand that a bible sits on and someone reads from the bible and gives a lecter.

What bible makes what the true head of the church?

The Bible makes it clear that the true head of the Church is the Clergy.

What Scriptures did the Catholic Church change in the Bible?

Roman Catholic AnswerYou are operating with a mistaken assumption. The Catholic Church wrote the Bible, the Catholic Church decided which books were canonical (included in the Bible), and the Catholic Church has conserved the Bible through the centuries. The only ones who changed any Scriptures in the Bible are the protestants, who, after fifteen centuries of a Bible preserved by the Catholic Church came along and threw books out of the Bible, and changed the meanings of books they would not throw out.