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Why does the British Columbia government translate splendor sine occasu as splendour without diminishment when all your Latin references translate the term occasu to mean end?


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When you get into the English language; you find a lot of things are backward, English is a paradoxical language:

Wonder: (actuality) That which is not known, thus wondered about; yet in English:

wonder: extraordinarily good: exciting admiration or amazement by virtue of being outstandingly good, effective, or unusual.

Wonderful: outstanding: of a quality that excites admiration or amazement! Paradoxical.

Why should something that is fully, or totally incomprehensible; excite admiration??

Ex-: Prefix. Used to be. ex husband. pert: amusingly bold: bold and lively in a pleasant or amusing way. pertain: be part or belong: to be part of something or belong to something, especially as an attribute or accessory.

expert: 1. somebody skilled or knowledgeable: somebody with a great deal of knowledge about, or skill, training, or experience in, a particular field or activity. Again paradoxical! When in actuality it should mean: No longer pertinent, archaic.