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I don't think that's true. If I look at the NOAA tides on line site (see link) there's no dramatic difference between Pensacola and St. Petersburg. South Padre Island looks pretty much the same, too. When you get down to Naples things get weird, and continue to be weird around Key West, but by Virginia Key, the conventional semi-diurnal tide is well established. So the question should really be, "Why does the Gulf of Mexico not have a semi-diurnal tide?"

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What waterway is east of Mexico?

The Gulf of Mexico is east of northern and central Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea is east of the Yucatan Peninsula.

What is the peninsula of Central America?

Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

Water between Mexico and Florida?

The Gulf of Mexico lies between the Florida Peninsula and Mexico.

What is a peninsula in north America?

Florida is a major peninsula in the U.S. The Yucatan peninsula is a large peninsula in Mexico.

What is the largest peninsula in the gulf of Mexico?

Probably the Florida peninsula but the Yucatán Peninsula is a close contender.

Which state on the golf of Mexico a peninsula?

Florida (US) and Yucatan (Mexico).

What is the name of the ocean that borders Florida?

Florida is a peninsula its border by the Atlantic and the gulf of Mexico

What is the peninsula that juts out into the gulf of Mexico called?

The Yucatán Peninsula. and technically Florida is a peninsular too.

Where is Central America's longest peninsula?

It is the Yucatan peninsula, spanning southeastern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Where did hurricane Gilbert hit?

It hit Windward Islands, Venezuela, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Central America, Yucatan Peninsula, northern Mexico, Texas, and South Central United States

Where was the Maya civilization located?

poop i dont knowCentral America on the Yucatán Peninsula.It is located whereCentral MexicoHondurasBelizeGuatemalaNorthern El Salvadorare now located.

What is the name of the peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico?

There are two of them. One would be the Florida peninsula in the United States; the other would be the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. See related questions below for details on the Yucatan peninsula.

What is the peninsula state between the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico?

It is Florida.

Are sinkholes common in the central plateau of Mexico?

No; only on the Yucatan peninsula.

Where are Mexico four region describe a feature for each?

Actually, Mexico possesses six different regions:Baja California Peninsula - the large and thin peninsula protruding from southern California on northwestern MexicoNorthern Mexico - the often-arid area bordering the United StatesThe Bajio - historic states in a silver-mining region of MexicoCentral Mexico - the densest populated area in Mexico, dominated by Mexico CityPacific Coast - Mexico's tropical southern coastYucatan Peninsula - the flat, triangle-shaped peninsula protruding from southeastern Mexico into the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Is Cozumel Mexico outside the US?

Yes. It is part of Mexico (the country) and is located opposite of the Florida Peninsula, across the Gulf of Mexico. It is east of the Yucatan Peninsula, facing the Caribbean Sea.

Why is Florida a peninsula?

Florida is a peninsula because it juts out into the water and is surrounded by water except at one point. The Atlantic Ocean is to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the west.

What regions were the pyramids in Mexico in?

Central and southern Mexico, including the Yucatan peninsula. You will never find any pyramid on northern Mexico, due to its arid nature (i.e: the harsh climate prevented the rise of large-scale agricultural activites).

Does the gulf of Mexico separate the tiny finger of western Mexico from mainland Mexico?

No. The Gulf of Mexico separates the Yucatan Peninsula (a large, triangular peninsula opposite to the Florida Peninsula) from mainland Mexico.The Gulf of California (also known as Sea of Cortes) is the actual body of water that separates the thin but large Baja California Peninsula from mainland Mexico.

What is the two main ruins in Mexico?

Teotihuacan in central Mexico, on the outskirts of Mexico City.Chichen Itza on the Yucatan peninsula, in southeastern Mexico.

Not an island with the gulf of Mexico to the west and Atlantic ocean to the east?

The Florida peninsula.

What are the 2 peninsulas guarding the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico?

Florida & Yucatán peninsula

Area from central mexico to northern honduras?


Which Land-form connects Mexico to Central America?

The Yucatan peninsula.

Where in Mexico does Central America end?

It would roughly include the Yucatan peninsula.

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