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I had the same problem, I took apart the shift lever and replaced the button, the wire had pulled apart and was reconnecting time to time

If an O/D light flashes it typically means that there is a trouble code set. it could be a bad sensor or something else. as of your belt squealing when the A/C is turned on, it might be loose or worn out. when my O/D light never stoped blinking it is a problem with your tranny it trying to tell you some thing about a mo. after it started blinking the tranny died a really bad death get it checked out before to late it having problems with the gearing

Seems to be that the cd4e transmission is stated to be a bad tranny. When in actuality the vss sensor and some others are crap! Many Many people who own Ford probes have had tranny probs! Sorry to say they have paid for them to be rebuilt and most of them only needed the sensors replaced. Look at them first!

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Q: Why does the OD light keep flashing even though you press the button to turn it on or off in a '93 Ford Probe GT 6-cylinder?
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Is the power train control module of a 1993 probe gt 2.5 v-6 compatible with 1995 ford probe 2.0 4-cylinder?

no it is not. simply because you can't swap a 6cylinder computer with a 4 cylinder

1993 Ford Probe has the OD light flashing and a thump when it shifts between gears What is wrong with it?

pulse generator is bad

Where is the fuel reset button located on a 1991 Ford Probe?

i don't know about a probe forsure but is in the trunk on a tompo or topaz on th left side near the top

Where in the trunk is the auto shut off button on a 94 Ford Probe GT?

its in the left side under the carpet. if there is a button sticking out push it back in.

95 ford probe the overdrive blue light on the dash will NOT go off or re-set open start?

What can be the problem with the overdrive light flashing on and off?

How to reset a fuel switch located in the trunk of a 1992 ford probe?

in this case its ok to push the red button

Why is the manual shift light flashing on your 89 Ford Probe?

may be caused by a faulty pulse signal may store code 55 and may not shift normal

What is a cause for the manual shift light flashing on a 1991 ford probe?

This generally indicates an electrical failure in the transmission. Get it fixed now, or you'll end up replacing it.

What happens if the OD button in the 95 ford probe is disabled?

if OD button is disabled, the transmission will not shift into overdrive. your car will be running with one less gear, and using more fuel

Is there a reset button for the fuel pump on an 89 ford probe and where would it be?

Owner's manual will point you to the location. Usually in the trunk. In my 89 Probe, the reset is in the trunk on the driver's side in front of the wiper fluid resevior.

What year did a satelite pass by Pluto?

Last year, though it is not called a "satelite", but a "probe" instead.

What is the probe size?

Probe,probe se 2.0 / probe gt 2.5

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