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becaus the Philippines is in the pacific ring of fire


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why deos the philippines experience earthquakes

it reveals about how many times earthquakes occur in the Philippines

Indonesia experience 397 earthquakes per year :)

Yes there are earthquakes all over the world

The Philippines have many underwater volcano eruptions and earthquakes, which is what can cause tsunamis.

only countries lining the borders of the crust's plates will experience earthquakes. And since these plates are so big, they cover many countries and the ones in the middle experience earthquakes the least.

because the philippines have many faults

The Philippines experience: typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and all the associated effects like flooding, crop damage etc.

There were no earthquakes in 2001, the closest year to have a earthquake in the Philippines is in 2002. It is the Mindanao earthquake at the bottom of the Philippines

The Philippines gets earthquakes and volcanic eruptions because it is on a plate line, therefore the plates of the earth rub together on this plate line and creates volcanoes by the smaller one going under the bigger one and earthquakes by the plates colliding. I hope that answers the question for you! x

Armenia experiences so many earthquakes because Armenia sits on top of many faults

i don't feel earthquakes everyday. but since i live in California, we have earthquakes every once and a while.

Antarctica does not experience earthquakes.

I do not agree that Brazil has earthquakes.

The Laguna fault line runs from near Laguna Lake and under Santa Rosa. All of the Philippines can experience earthquakes because it is located on the Pacific Rim of Fire.

Yes, the Philippines' location on the Pacific Ring of Fire and its tropical climate makes it prone to earthquakes and typhoons.

The Philippines are located on a tectonic plate boundary

Countries along the Pacific usually experience the most earthquakes, such as China, the US, Japan, Indonesia, etc. However, countries in the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean also experience many earthquakes, such as Italy, Greece, India, or Spain.

There is quite a bit of seismic activity in the Philippines. The majority of earthquakes happen around the southern island and in the southern part of that island. Although, there have been man earthquakes in other areas.

what historical experience do philippines share with africa

about 5........ i think but im not sure

The state and city of New York does experience earthquakes.

miami is no located on a fault line. Therefore, it does not experience earthquakes

Earthquakes occur in at least 100 countries. Some countries that have frequent earthquakes are America, China, Japan, and the Philippines.

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