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It is not a prescribed ceremony for a pope to do so. John Paul II, who traveled constantly throughout his papacy when his health was good, began doing it as a personal expression: he would kiss the ground of the country in which he had come to visit upon his arrival there. This was to show respect and reverence to the nation and its peoples as well as express his gratitude to them for inviting or welcoming him into their land.

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Q: Why does the Pope kiss the ground?
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Are people allowed to kiss the hand of the pope?

People kiss the ring of the pope, not his hand. If the pope extends his hand so you can kiss his ring, anyone may do so. Any bishop or cardinal may also have his ring kissed. The custom is not common today, however.

Who has to kiss the pope's papal ring?

Anyone who meets with the pope. They do not have to kiss the ring, but kissing the ring is showing respect to the holy person of the Roman Catholic Church.

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They kiss the papal ring, not the hand. Anyone can kiss the ring if the pope presents his hand in such a manner that would allow it. All bishops and cardinals also wear a ring that may be kissed if the person allows it. Many have discontinued the practice, however, and would prefer a simple handshake instead.

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Basia annulum is the Latin equivalent of 'Kiss the ring'. In the word by word translation, the verb 'basia' means '[you] are kissing, do kiss, kiss'. The masculine gender noun 'annulum' means 'ring'. The phrase is pronounced 'BAH-see-ah ahn-NOO-loom'.The phrase may be considered an observation on, a prompt for, or a reference to an audience with the Pope. Those who are granted a papal audience show their respect by kissing the individualized ring that each Pope wears on his right hand. Each ring is specific to the particular Pope. But all papal rings include an image of St. Peter [c. A.D. 1-64].

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