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This phenomenon is called 'focus hunting'. It happens when the autofocus system repeatedly overshoots the correct focal distance (too far, too close, too far, too close...). Sometimes strong vertical or horizontal lines in the image can confuse things, depending on the system your camera has. Shooting in low light is also difficult for a lot of systems. If you can switch off the autofocus, focus the camera where you want it and leave it on manual. This works best for stationary subjects, but if there is a lot of motion you may be forced to keep it on auto.

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Which subject is geology in?

Geology is itself a subject.

What are the two main copyrights for music recording?

The song itself is controlled by the songwriter or a publisher; the recording is controlled by the artist or label. They are referred to as the publishing right and the master right.

Can a mother lose custody of her child by moving in with family members?

That by itself is not a reason courts would change custody.That by itself is not a reason courts would change custody.That by itself is not a reason courts would change custody.That by itself is not a reason courts would change custody.

How do you change the day on Neopets?

Neopets will change the day by itself. It runs on central time though. But It will change the date by itself.

Do people watch you recording in a recording studio?

Generally the only people present are those connected with the recording process itself (the recording engineer), or those the performers bring along (such as their producer). The engineer is usually behind a glass wall from the performers and could in theory watch, but will probably be focussed on his equipment.

How do you get consent to use Henri Mancini's music the Pink Panther in a not for profit presentation?

Contact Universal Music for permission to use the song itself, and the record label of the recording you want to use for permission to use that recording. If you are recording it yourself instead of using an existing recording, you only need permission from the publisher.

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning process of recording?

-graphy is the medical terminology combining form meaning the process of recording.

True or false Even without pollution climate can change by itself?

False. Climate change always has a cause. It can't change by itself.

Is Talj-talj by Rahbani copyrighted?

Yes; both the song itself and (separately) the sound recording are protected.

How do you get in touch with owner of copyright of Penny Lane to get permission to use it in a advert?

Contact Sony/ATV in Nashville for a license for the song itself, and the recording company of the recording you're using for a master use license.

When the physical properties of matter change the matter itself does not?


How does a bearded dragon protect itself?

It can change colors to hide and protect itself.

What is used to SPEED up a reaction but doesn't change itself?

A catalyst is used to SPEED up a reaction but doesn't change itself.

Who owns the copyright to Take Five by the Dave Brubeck Quartet?

The song itself is owned by Paul Desmond, and the recording is Capitol.

How do copyright effect teens in phonorecord?

Sound recordings of music are protected two ways: as the recording itself, and as the underlying song.

Is the theme tune from the BBC series Waterloo Road copyright protected?

There are two copyrights: the song itself, and the recording of the song.

How do you build a recording studio?

"If you have got a sound card in your computer you can easily start a recording studio." To build a recording studio you first need either land or a commercial space or an area of your residential structure that you can give up for this purpose. So the correct answer should more be "in order to build a recording studio you need lots of working capital". Each computer comes with a sound card, and that in and of itself does not a recording studio make.

When a broken leg mends itself is that a physical change?

no,it is not a physical change

Is fire to smoke a chemical change?

Fire is a chemical change in and of itself. The smoke is a product of that change.

Is a mixture a chemical change?

A mixture is not a change at all in and of itself. The creation of a mixture is a physical change, not a chemical change.

Who owns the copyright to God Bless the USA?

Songs of Universal controls the song itself, and the original recording is handled by MCA Nashville.

What is it called when something changes by itself?


What is the subject The elephant sprayed itself with water?


Is fizzing and foaming a chemical change?

The fizzing itself is not, but it is a sign of a chemical change.

How much does a music teacher with a bachelors degree in Ohio make?

50,000 - 75,000 is usually the norm in the state of ohio; however, this is subject to change based on the community and school itself.

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