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I think it represents how liberty will be fair and not discriminate by color, weight, gender, etc...

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Q: Why does the Statue of Liberty wear a blind fold?
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Why does the statue of justice wear a blindfold?

The blind fold represents objectivity. It means that justice should be brought, regardless to the victim's and offender's identites

What does the statue of liberty wear at her feet?


What garment does the Statue of Liberty wear?

The Statue of Liberty wears a Roman type of dress called a Stola

What does Statue of Liberty wear on it body?

A robe. If not use a search engine find pictures of "the statue of liberty" and determine it for yourself.

What size shoe would the Statue of Liberty wear?

She would wear size 879.

Does Statue of Liberty wear shoes?

Yes, she wears opened-toed sandals.

What size shoe would the Statue of Liberty wear if she was a real woman?

1,325 Women's

What size shoe does the statue of liberty wear?

she wud wear size.......the size of ur mother's fat butt. lol

Why does the Statue of Liberty wear a toga?

The Statue of Liberty has been described by historian Marvin Trachtenberg as a "synthomorphosis" of forms. The Statue of Liberty's gown is meant to look like a classical Greek toga. This was a popular reference in the art of the time, as all things classical were enjoying a popular revival. Lady Liberty is an allegory; that is to say, she is garbed to represent such Greek ideals as freedom and democracy.

Why does the Statue of Liberty wear a crown?

The Statue of Liberty wears a crown with 7 rays to signify the unity of the 7 continents.The Statue of Liberty is actually a greatly enlarged copy of the original 'Statu du Liberte' which is on Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris, and was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the USA in the 1880's- so her crown is just reproduced from the original.It's meant to symbolise the triumph of liberty and freedom- 'liberty wears the crown of freedom from oppression', sort of thing. It represents the crowning of the liberation of the people.

What does the statue of liberty wear on her feet?

She wears open-toe sandals. And, the Statue of Liberty has broken shackles and chains laying near her feet, to remind us that freedom requires the actual action of breaking from bondage, and that on July 4th 1776, she had just recently broken free, but was already shining a light for all others to do likewise.

What does the statue wear on her feet?


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