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It is a way to be thankful that we are here at all, and to give thanks to the Lord for putting a roof over our head and putting food on our plate.

It started in the 1620's, when the pilgrims first came to Plymouth, they were having a terrible time, when the Indians began to help them, they did better, and they all lived in harmony. After a bountiful harvest, the Indians and the pilgrims came together and had a huge feast and thanked God that they were doing well and prospering.

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Every fourth Thursday in November in America, is Thanks Giving Day. It is to celebrate the safe gathering in of the harvest (harvest thanks giving).

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Q: Why does the US celebrate the holiday of thanks giving?
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They do not celebrate Thanks giving in mexico it is an US and Canadian holiday

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It is important to celebrate Veterans Day because these people fight for our lives, freedom, and rights, so we give thanks to them all for this with a holiday.

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No. The holiday is on July 4th - Independence Day.

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Thanks giving a very religious holiday. We should give thanks to God that day and thank God for everthing he gives us.

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I'm Canadian, but both US and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving. It started with the original puritans or pioneers giving thanks for the harvest of the year and all blessings they have received from God, by having a day filled with a bountiful harvest on the dinner table. The is mainly of Christian heritage, but the act of thanksgiving is not just for that day only, but started with native Americans and the putitans and pioneers. It a reminder that we should always be thankful for Gods many blessings. Being thankful is a good mindset to have.You can give thanks on Thanksgiving by:Helping OthersDonating Food to OthersBeing With Your FamilyDoing Anything That Make Others HappyThank you for reading my answer. Have a happy holiday!Your friend,Dsny99

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