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Why does the air condition and heater blower motor run when air condition and heater and ignition are turned off?

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Depending on the way the vehicle is wired, it could be a bad ignition switch or a stuck relay. You'll need to look at a wiring diagram to find out how power is supplied to the blower and AC system. Then go backwards to find out what's on that SHOULDN't be.

2006-08-05 00:46:25
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Why would the heater blower still work after the ignition is turned off on a 1997 Honda Accord se?

There are two things that can be checked to find out. The first is the relay that runs the blower motor may need replaced and the second is the motor itself needs replaced.

Climate control blower wont shut off when the turned ignition is turned off on a 1991 corvette.?

Climate control blower motor was the fix. The part cost 441 dollars.

What would cause a vehicle heater to blow warm air when blower on low but blow cold when blower turned up?

Poor coolant circulation from a plugged up heater core. Try flushing the heater core and replacing the thermostat.

What would cause the power to the heater blower windows and windshield wipers on a 1998 Kia Sportage to work only when the switch is turned backwards a little bit?

First guess would be a bad ignition switch.

The heater blower motor on my 1989 Corvette convertible continues to run when the ignition is turned off. Where is the blower motor relay located on the '89 models with electronic climate control?

RH under hood, between blower and evaporator according to diagram. The blower control module is most likely the culprit. It was on my 87 covette ,easy to replace but cost about $150.00

1991 dodge spirit the car will not turn over no radio wipers turn signals when the key is turned the heater blower works but the idiot lights do not come on either replaced the ignitionwhat now?

replace the ignition switch

Why is my 98 Renault laguna blowing cold air the 2 pipes from heater core are hot there is a slight heat from the blower when its turned on?

the heater matrix is blocked

1993 cadillac deville heater blower wont stop even with the car turned off?

Open hood . Disconnect blower module located near blower fan. Disconnect, if blower shuts off, repalce module

What cause a humming noise when heater is turned on?

its your squirl cage inside of your blower motor. guaranteed. happened to me twice

Why does the heater blower stay on after the car is turned off?

It usually shouldn't, but if it does, it should only stay like that for a few moments.

2004 Monte Carlo heater motor blower not working but fueses are good?

One reason a 2004 Monte Carlo heater motor blower may not work is low coolant. You can check the coolant level after the car has been turned off.

Blower motor relay switch Honda civic?

The blower motor relay switch in the Honda Civic is located at the center of the engine closest to the firewall. The relay is engaged when the ignition is turned to the on position.

Why does Heater fan not work on high speed?

2004 Chevy express van, heater has no high speed, at one time the blower stayed on even when the ignoton was turned off therefor draining the battery,

Why does a 1994 Chevy Astro Van motor keeps running after ignition is turned off?

The blower resistor is internally shorted to power and needs to be replaced.

Have a 91 Cavalier htrac fuse blows as soon as turned on have checked blower motor relay and inline fuses have also checked blower control switch If any answer please tell what to check and where?

If the heater is blowing the fuse when the blower is turned on, I would suspect the blower motor is defective or locked up. If the A/C is blowing a fuse, suspect a bad clutch, or locked up compressor.

A 1997 Chevy Cavalier is making a terrible noise when the ac or heater is turned on the higher it is on the louder it is what is causing this?

it possible is the blower motor is going bad or the blower motor squirl cage is rubbing Most likely there is debri in the blower motor cage, usually mice get in there.

Will a bad heater core make the heat and air stink when the blower is turned onin a 1999 dodge ram?

Yes, it will make the interior smell bad.

What is a sentence for ignition?

He turned on the ignition and then started the engine.

Why does the heater behind the dashboard make a clicking noise when the heater is turned on?

AnswerIf it's a rapid clicking sound that becomes more rapid when the fan is turned up high, you probably have a foreign object like a leaf stuck in the blower.It sounds like your Air door actuator or temperature actuator

What causes a whistling sound when the heater is turned on?

It's a sign that the blower motor is going to give up. It could sound like that for a whole year before it does completely.

1990 gmc suburban 2500 ac blower not working fuses are good.?

Check at the blower motor itself. Have it turned on and tap the end of the blower motor with a hammer. I did this and found out that the blower motor was going out. The blower motor is on the top passenger side under the hood. Also check the wire connections. Make sure they are seated good. If this includes for the heater then I would say the blower motor is bad.

What is a sentence that contains the word ignition?

I turned on the ignition in my car. "Houston, we have ignition!"

You turned off your car with the air conditon on when you restarted the car the air condition was not blowing at all what maybe the problem?

check blower motor fuses and if Ok GENTLY tap blower motor with a/c turned on should start back up if so it indicates a bad armature in the blower motor and is due for replacement soon, if it does not start back up, it means either a short has occurred in the wiring or it is a dead blower motor

You turned on the heater and it has a loud noise how do you change the fan in a 1990 Buick Century?

depends what type of engine you have, on a 3.3L you have to remove the steering pump before you will be able to completely remove the blower motor; on the 3.1L you have to remove the alternator before replacing the blower motor

What does the key symbol mean on a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser power outlet?

That the outlet only has power when the ignition is turned on.That the outlet only has power when the ignition is turned on.