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The bearings might be bad in the alternator.

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โˆ™ 2004-11-21 09:37:25
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Q: Why does the alternator make a clicking sound from the front of a 2000 Ford Explorer?
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Clicking sound when new battery and alternator?

That is not a question.

What is the clicking sound when I try to start car?

low voltage,bad battery or alternator

What causes a clicking sound in a front wheel drive vehicle?

It CAN be CV joints, but it depends on the sound.

Mercury villager makes a clicking sound when trying to start It won't start and its not the starter. I had it checked.?

A clicking sound when you try to start the car is a dead battery. It may be that the alternator is not charging it properly.

2003 Ford Explorer sport horn not working?

horn not working on 2003 ford explorer sport trac, just a clicking sound

Loud clicking sound coming from front of car when driving straight?

A loud clicking sound coming from the front of your car when you are driving straight would be the result of a bad CV joint. This is something that should be checked out right away.

What is it when the tail lights stay on and interior lights stay on and make clicking sound on 94 stealth?

The engine is clicking with all of the interior lights on? Dead battery... and for future reference... if there is no clicking= really dead battery and it might not recharge. In that case check the alternator, if the alternator is still good, just buy a new battery. If the battery continues to fail to recharge get a new alternator.

Is it normal for a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to make a clicking sound under the hood?

Not really, i have a clicking sound coming from a 95 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2L, and the mechanic told me that my alternator bearings were loose.

95 Toyota Camry won't start but starter makes clicking sound?

Solenoid or battery *Check the alternator as well. When my Camry did that, the battery and alternator both needed replacement. -andey78

Why is your 98 passat making a clicking sound from the front right when you turn and now has started clicking while coasting?

Look at the half shaft.

What could cause your 2001 Cougar to make a clicking sound but will not start Battery is only 2 months old?

Have the alternator checked.

Why wont my Rover 420 diesel start this morning has a clicking sound?

Jump start car and ensure alternator and battery are good.

What insect makes a clicking noise?

A cricket. It rubs its front feet together, producing a sound.

What would cause a clicking sound from the front wheel of a rear wheel drive car when the car is driving straight?

When you drive over a clicking bettle.

What causes a clicking noise in the rear air conditioner on a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT?

Apparently it is the rear air "blender" ( whatever that is(?)) My 2003 Explorer was making the loud clicking sound from the rear driver side above the rear left wheel. I lived with it for a month before I just found the answer on the net. I turned off the rear fan control (from the front controls) and the clicking has stopped. I guess there is no more air from the rear now but the clicking has stopped- Car is long been paid off and I'm happy again.

What does a clicking sound near the front end of a Hyundai Sonata indicate?

A clicking sound coming from the front end indicates there is something wrong with the axle on that side of the front end and that it might fail. When the clicking sound becomes very audible, have the axle checked. It might cost about $250 to replace the axle. The "axle" is not the type of axle that goes all the way across the car from one wheel to the other. It is only a joint between the front wheel on that side and the steering mechanism.

What causes a clicking sound when turning right in your truck?

the clicking sound is the blinker. when you signal to turn with your blinker the light flashes and makes a clicking sound.

Your car wont start just makes a clicking sound?

That could be the alternator or the battery. Try jump starting your car with another car's battery. If it still does not start, it is probably the alternator. If it starts, your battery is dead.

You changed your axel on your 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and you still hear a clicking sound?

Check the front driveshaft.

Your car makes a clicking sound on the front end as you turn right or left?

press the turning signal idiot

Clicking sound on front tire on passenger side?

A small rock or pebble may be stuck in tire's tread.

What is the problem when 1998 Chevy makes clicking sound but won't turn over then when battery is charged car still cuts off is it the alternator?

It sounds like the starter is bad. The clicking you hear is the solenoid trying to kick-over the starter. If the vehicle starts but, won't stay running, it could be the alternator, or the wireing to (from) the battery or alternator (most likely the ground wire). Or it could be the dreaded MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR!!!!

The heat in the front seat of your 2004 Ford Explorer is blowing cold air and makes a clicking sound in the dash board The cold air works fine and the heat in the back seat works fine?

These are classic symptoms of a failed blend door actuator motor.

What does it mean when your Ford Explorer has a rub near the left front tire?

Rubbing sound front left tire ford f150 bushings on sway bar broke off replaced and still making sound

Why would a well maintained 98 Nissan Quest make a noise when turning left?

Depends on the noise...If I'm correct this is front wheel drive and if its a clicking sound,it could be an axle that has a torn boot and the bearings are worn out...Or if its a diff sound,it could be a front shock or strut... If it is a clicking sound it is a good possiblity you have a cv joint going out. If so you need to replace very soon.