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Why does the amp ground wire make noise?

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When i start my car i hear this huming noise coming from my subwoofer what coould this be?

Sound like a ground issue with amp. Make sure you amp has a ground 12 inches or less and the same gage as power wire. Insure you have good bare metal to metal contact.

Speaker wire with white stripe on one wire is that the ground wire?

Most will say that the white striped wire is the ground. The bottom line is that it doesn't really make a difference as long as your amp ground goes to your speaker ground. This is very important!

What size ground wire is needed for 20 amp?

A #14 wire will do fine for grounding a 20 amp device. That is the size of the ground wire in a 2 conductor # 12 wire building cable.

Does the amp cable connects to the negative for a car stereo?

NO. Just ground the amp to the chassis try to make ground short as possable about 12 inches is plenty. BE SURE GROUND WIRE IS THE SAME GAGE AS THE POWER WIRE. If its an 8 ga. + then use 8 ga. for the ground.

Why does your amp work without a ground wire?

your amp will ground in your sound system, or through your power adder which rock.

Help i installed a stereo in my 2002 Chevy cavelier i have extra wire i think the theft device wires and my speakers are making noises they didnt before how do i fix it?

most of the time you will have an extra wire or two make sure you cap them off or tape them so they dont ground out. and as far as the noise in your speakers you have a bad ground and if you have an amp then you need to separate your wires running to your amp cause they are interfearing with each other and your getting road noise.

What size ground wire is needed for a 60 amp?

#8 copper wire.

Will amp blow out if connecting the ground wire to the power wire while connected to amp?

Since the resulting short circuit would be outside the amp, it WOULD NOT blow the amp.

What happens with no ground wire on a car amp?

The amp will lead a dull and empty life.

How do you wire a capacitor to an amp?

Positive post of capacitor is connected to the heavy amp cable. The ground terminal (or case) of the capacitor is connected to the car's ground or a ground wire that leads to the car's chassis. That's it.

Where do you ground amp wire in mercury sable?

you can ground it right to the frame. just find a bare spot and put a screw with the ground wire

What size for grounding wire for 50 amp load?

# 8 copper ground wire

Ground wire size for 200?

A 200 amp service panel will require a # 4 bare copper ground wire.

What size copper or Aluminum ground wire for 150 amp service?

A ground wire for a service distribution has to be copper. A #6 copper conductor can be used up to a 200 amp service.

What is the minimum ground wire size for a 20 amp 110 volt circuit?

The ground wire in a two or three conductor #12 cable is a #14 bare ground wire.

What size grounding wire for a 200 amp service?

A minimumbare copper wire that can be used to ground a 200 amp distribution service is a #6.

How do you wire in a 40 amp breaker?

A 40 amp breaker is used in conjunction with AWG # 8 copper wire. The black and red wires are connected to the breaker. The ground wire is connected to the ground bar and the white wire is connected to the neutral bar.

Does the ground wire on a 200 amp box need to be 3 ought also?

No, you can use #4 bare copper ground wire.

What size of ground wire for 100amp service?

A#3 bare copper conductor is used for a ground wire for 100 amp service.

What size ground wire used for a 60 amp sub panel off a 200 amp service?

The size of wire you need is #8 bare.

Ground wire size for 125 amp service?

six awg

What size ground wire is needed with a 80 amp circuit?


Do you hook up the ground wire first to an amp?

No. Hook up the power wire first, then the ground wire. The ground wire is what acutually draws the power to the unit. As you will notice the power wont turn on if just the power wire is plugged in..

What ground wire size for 100 amp service?

A 100 amp residential service requires a size #8 copper wire, it should be insulated in green.

How do you know what wire is ground on 200 amp service?

On a 200 amp or any size service the ground wire is easily identified. Look in the distribution panel for the neutral bus bar. This is where the service neutral (white wire) is connected to the distribution panel. There you will see a bare copper wire connected to the same neutral bar. This is the ground wire that is connected to the ground rods out side of the house.

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