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If it goes up and down by itself its either a bad grounded radio or speaker. If ur just talking about the FM/AM radio then u probably have bad antenna adaptor

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Q: Why does the audio volume on my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am fluctuates up down?
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use this website helped me..

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What color wire is what when installing a CD player in a 92 Pontiac Grand Prix?

You need to go to a car audio sound store and buy an adapter to tie the CD player into your car's harness. They cost about $20.00.

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1998 Grand prix speaker sizes?

Whether you have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix SE, GT, or GTP, door speakers are all the same size. You can get a 6 x 9" which run for about $49.95, or a 5.25" which run alot cheaper 29.95. I got my speakers for a 1997 Grand Prix GT at Audio Express. You can order online at Hope this helps

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How can you lower the volume of CD playback while keeping the Windows event sounds volume the same?

Control Panel -> Sounds & Audio -> Volume Tab -> Advanced Button Lower the CD audio control

What is an audio equalizer?

an audio equalizer is equipment that presents a graphic representation volume , and other characteristics of a sound ( lows, mid, highs, ).

How do you put the volume icon in the desktop tray?

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If you're running windows, you can bring up the volume control by doing this: click on Start and then Run, type in 'sndvol32' (without the quotes), and click OK. To ensure the volume icon is in the area by the clock, click on Start and then Control Panel, double click on 'Sounds and Audio Devices', and then check the box labeled 'Place volume icon in the task bar'. If you don't see the 'Sounds and Audio Devices' item, first click on 'Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices' then click on 'Sounds and Audio Devices'.

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My guess is an audio interface. I recommend the PreSonus Firepod Interface. It has 8 inputs, each with a volume control, a headphone volume control, a main audio out volume control, and it's only $400, you won't find an interface that good for any cheaper. Also, get some good mics. Just sayin'. For vocals and guitars, Audio Technica at2020.

1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer what was the original car audio system?

The Grand Wags had a four speaker cassette player Dolby system.

Is there a windows program that amplifies volume of microphone?

Yes. Surprisingly, it is called the volume control (recording volume, to be specific). You will find it in your audio hardware's driver settings in Control Panel.

Where can you find an intermediate radio harness to put a 1999 pontiac sunfire factory CD player into a 1988 pontiac fiero?

A good auto audio shop can fabricate one for you. Or, you might try

Will a USB 2.0 to 3d audio sound card adapter increase the volume on PC?


How can you hook up two 300 watt amps to a Home theater receiver?

Audio out (line out) from the Home Theater to audio in (line in) on the Power Amp. If you use Preamp out on the Home Theater the Volume Control will control the volume of the Power Amp and Speakers.