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Your baby will move more when your bladder is full because there is more pressure on the baby. It is also better to get an ultra sound when your bladder is full because you will see the baby much better.

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โˆ™ 2004-12-21 03:55:48
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Q: Why does the baby move more when you have to go to the bathroom really bad?
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Can you really be feeling your baby move at 6 weeks?

YES you can

How often should you feel your baby move in the womb?

You should start to feel your baby move from 16-24 weeks ! You are more likely to feel the baby move when you are relaxing. The baby will move ALOT when you are sitting and relaxing. The more walking you do, the longer they sleep. They may move when your eating and drinking anything with sugar in it.

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When can others feel a baby kicking?

when i was pregnant my son would only move for certain people he would never move for his daddy so i depends on the baby really but my sister felt my son at 61/2 months

If you were pregnant at 16 could you move out?

Some parents would insist on it. Would you really want to move out? And if you did, where would you go, and how would you support yourself and the baby?

New born baby hamster doesn't move?

wait for a few more days, but if it still does not move pls bring to the vet. by estherbella

How often should the baby move?

As long as you can feel the baby move every day you should be fine. Some days they are more active than others. Once your baby begins its first movements, you should feel it move everyday. After the 5th month, if you have begun feeling movemements and the baby does not move for more that a 34 hour period, you cshould contact your doctor immediately. However some days, the movement might be minimal while other days you feel like the baby is dancing around inside of you. Just be aware of the movements and you should be fine.

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My baby won't move from the right side is there anything i can do to make her move over to the left?

I've been told to get baby into optimal position you can spend more time walking, stairs, crawling? i have a fit ball and sit on this when watching TV to tilt pelvis forward and also lean over it as this gives the baby more room to move. Dont be too concerned as baby moves lots even right up to labour. Good luck

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Does baby move or kick at three months?

its normally around 16 weeks you first feel the baby move.

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When do you feel the baby kick?

Sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, you'll start to feel your baby move.

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