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Why does the baby move more when you have to go to the bathroom really bad?


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2004-12-21 03:55:48
2004-12-21 03:55:48

Your baby will move more when your bladder is full because there is more pressure on the baby. It is also better to get an ultra sound when your bladder is full because you will see the baby much better.


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You should start to feel your baby move from 16-24 weeks ! You are more likely to feel the baby move when you are relaxing. The baby will move ALOT when you are sitting and relaxing. The more walking you do, the longer they sleep. They may move when your eating and drinking anything with sugar in it.

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This depends on whether you want to rearranged a bathroom or move it to another room completely

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its your muscles when you are a baby you don't move much so as you go you move more so you get used to it.

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It is easier if you want to move the location of some items. Also, if you have a small bathroom it will make large items like the bathtub easier to move around the bathroom.

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