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Why does the bathtub faucet run while showering?


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If it is coming from the tub spout then the gasket is moving around or esle it is shot. The easiest way to fix this is to get a new tub spout. It will more than likely take more time to attempt to change the gasket on the spout then to install a new one.


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You insert it by the faucet in the bathtub and let the water run , or start rubbing it there.

It doesn't but you better run sir/madam their may be a ghost in your bathroom.

You can run it under your faucet, after a little while the color will start to fade away

An average kitchen faucet will run about 9.846 litres per minute if the water pressure is 45 psi.

Often a faucet will sputter if there is air in the lines. This happens if the water has been turned off and then on again. If this is the cause, it is only necessary to run the water a while and the air will get out of the lines, and the sputtering will stop.

it is run off of a different line from the main water supply. you may be able to trace it from the hot water tank and see where it branches off.

I just installed an American Standard kitchen faucet and it continues to run for a second or two after turning the handle. I called AS and they said it is because of the high arch and the location of the stop valve lower in the fixture. I think it may have more to do with this being a lower end kitchen faucet. During a bathroom remodel we installed a high arch Pegasus bathroom faucet and, while it is admittedly not at high as the kitchen faucet, it stop immediately and doesn't continue to run/drop at all. When I removed the Pegasus faucet filter at the spout, it behaves just like the kitchen faucet, so there's some sort of stop valve element at the spout of the Pegasus that isn't part of the AS faucet.

Very simple. Run each faucet until there is no more air. This usually only takes a minute or two per faucet. Remember air is lighter than water and will quickly rise, thus exiting the faucet additionally the strong flow of water out of the faucet is a huge plus.

The tub spout diverter,is just worn out.Go to your plumbing or hardware store and buy another with the same installation properties.(You may want to remove the old one to see how it was installed)

There are several things one can do to reduce pollutants in their household. One being never run a car with the garage closed. Another is opening windows while cooking or showering to get air circulating.

To drain the water that is in the pipe or spout..

The tub spout diverter washer has had the biscuit, replace it.

Unscrew the aerator at the end of the spout. Clean the screen and filter out of the aerator. Run the faucet without the aerator until all the brown water and air have cleared. Re-install aerator. Should run normal after that.

You go to the bathroom and run on the hot water faucet.

Yes. If you can attach a y to your cold water line, split it and run cold into both cold and hot Hopkins on the faucet.Yes , by blocking off the supply to the H/W side of the faucet and only connecting the C/W UNLESS it is a temperature or pressure balance type.

take shorter showers, use faucet water, use a pool cover in the summertime, shorten watering times for sprinklers, change your home landscaping to a xerescape or low water usage landscape, don't let the faucet run unless you are using it (leave it off while brushing your teeth etc.).

Much emphasis has been placed on careful conservation of water and electricity. Many grand ideas are presented. Yet it is often the most basic maintenance that can provide conservation benefits. For instance, replace dripping bathtub faucets. There are many different types of bathtub faucets these days, and a simple replacment can save water immediately and money in the long run. Older homes are particularly susceptible to this problem. What's worse, an untended dripping faucet can ruin the veneer of an old tub or sink. Dripping faucets and stained sinks or tubs lower the value of homes for sale as well.

An average kitchen faucet uses approximately three to five gallons of water per minute. The average person uses around 50-gallons of water every day.Ê

because of overhead gravity, or local government water supply pressure pumping systems.

Because the city keeps pumping it to your home. Alternatively, if you are on a well, it is so far an efficient one.

Run while yelling, "Run people run!"

Gently hold the dog's eye open, and gently run cool water over it from a faucet, or something to soothe it.

It means that you should sell your home and move far away! No jk If its your faucet that is dripping I think in time your faucet needs repaired or replaced because if it drips only when you run water at another fixture (faucet) and doesn't drip if you have everything off then you have a strange faucet but its most likely caused by water hammer (sudden stop of water flow) and if you don't think its cause by that then it also could be from water pressure which when you turn on another faucet and the pressure drops a little and from the drop of pressure and it vibrates your seal in your faucet which could make it drip but very rare but possible.

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