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It could be your alternator is going bad

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Q: Why does the battery light keep coming on your 1995 Pontiac sunfire even though the battery is new?
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Will an 18 rim fit a 1997 Pontiac sunfire?

yes it will i have 18s on my 02 sunfire which is the same body as yours it will raise your ride height a lil though to look at mine for example

Where is the radiator plug on a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?

It's located on the engine side of the radiator. Lower passenger side. You have to get under the car to access it though. You can't see it from the top.

What is the battery group for a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville?

A group 78 is original equipment, though a group 75 will work in a pinch.

Wheres the dipstick 1996 Pontiac Sunfire transmission?

If you have one, it's back near the firewall, just down from the brake master cylinder. You might not have one though. Pontiac did away with them early in the game. Why, I don't know. Seems kind of dumb to me ~

Are Pontiac cars reliable?

yes as long as you maintain them proporly i have 375 hundred thousand kilometers on my grand am my dad has about the same on his sunfire if you do get a pontaic though make surre its a 4 cylender not a v6

Is 1998 Pontiac Sunfire a girl's car?

There is no such thing as a girl or guy car... Or myabe I'm just mad that you are asking because I'm a guy who drives one.. Who knows... :) No. Great car though. My girlfriend says it's "cute"

2003 Pontiac Grand Am won't start?

battery/ battery cable, altenator, ignition fuse, even not completely in park. otherwise solenoid, fuel filter fuel pump, relay. maybe a little bit more description would help though

Is the Pontiac g6 gt a model of car?

Yes. The Pontiac G6 GT is a car that is produced by Pontiac. It is considered a sports car even though it is a compact family car. The engine is a v6 though.

1999 Pontiac Sun fire will not start starter is not turning battery has lots of power when the key is in the ignition and turn to power on not to start engine there is a ticking sound?

battery cable is loose Also check... The ticking sound comes from the starter not getting enough battery power. Even though there is battery power, there is not sufficient load power from the battery to start the vehcile. Put a volt meter across the battery posts and try and start the vehicle. If the voltage drops below 9 volts you need a new battery.

Why does my blackberry just switch off as though it has run out of battery even though the battery is full?

Check your connections. bad connections can make a battery not charge or not power the phone.

What happens when a battery light the light bulb?

The battery will drive a current though the lamp, which will eventually drain the battery.

What is the price of a Pontiac GTP?

The price of a Pontiac GTP varies between regions and stores. The average price for a Pontiac GTP is around $13,000 USD, though it will fluctuate depending on the lot it is purchased from.

Why does the check gauge light come on in a 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

It means a trouble code has come up in the computer. You can have the codes read at Autozone for free. They usually wont clear them though. Good luck. Answer: It also means for you to check your gages because your fuel is running low and you need to fill the gas tank before you run out of gas.

Can a 9 volt battery short out and cause a fire?

It's possible. Not likely to be the battery itself it that happens, though.

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My 1996 Pontiac sunfire low coolant light won't go off though the coolant is not low and every once and a while my check engine light come on and when that happens my ETS goes off what my problem?

both lights, the check engine and the low coolant light need to be reset and only a GM dealership can do that because they are the only ones that have the codes

Does the trunk of the Pontiac Fiero only open by keys or is there a hidden lever I don't know about?

my uncles 84 fiero only opens with keys. My Fiero has a button on the top right of the gauge cluster that will open the trunk. It has to have a battery or the engine running to do so though.

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Chief Pontiac was known for several things, he was noted for leading a rebellion if you will. It was during a war against Europe, there is a lot of controversy though.

Can a faulty alternator drain a new battery?

It can, though it is unlikely -- the alternator and the voltage regulator would both have to be faulty. A faulty alternator will not charge a battery, though, so it may seem normal until the charge put into the battery at the store runs out.

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Do Pontiac dealers service only Pontiac brand?

Not necessarily. Many Pontiac dealerships are teamed up with other large brand names. Some of these brands may include Buick and GMC. So even though the range of cars that can be serviced at a Pontiac dealership is small, it is not solely restricted to the Pontiac make of car. You can also try giving your local Pontiac dealer a call and see what their specifications are on this subject.

We have a dead 1998 Sunfire it makes a clicking sound and won't turn over tried to charge batter and would not start?

Chances are that your starter went out. Sometimes, the solenoid just gets stuck and you can have someone try to start the car while you bang on it with a hammer to get it unstuck. If this doesn't fix it though, you might be looking at changing out the starter. Don't try to keep cranking while you have this problem though, it could drain your battery life quickly.

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