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Maybe the battery's no good anymore. Many auto parts stores will test your battery for free. Suggest you take it to one.

Ok well that is deffinately a possiblity, BUT...The more likely solution is that the alternator is starting to go out. I had the EXACT same problem. If your "battery light" keeps going on every once in a while, then it is almost most deffinately your alternator.

SOLUTION: But a new alternator, It's almost the same price as having yours rebuilt. Have SOMEONE ELSE take out yours and put the new on in, unless your a WONDERFUL mechanic, because you either have to remove your left axel or take out other pieces of your car, or take the alternator apart inside the little hole its in, and take it out piece by piece. Then dissasymble the new once, and put it in piece by piece, and then reassymble it inside the little hole from the bottom again.

Like I said, your probably looking at around $230 (lifetime warranty) but it is well worth it. And if you can find a better deal, yay for you. Good luck! -Seth

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βˆ™ 2011-09-14 00:07:39
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Q: Why does the battery on my 1990 acura integra gs keep going dead?
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