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Why does the brake indicator on the dash of your 1978 Chevrolet K20 stay on?


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2011-09-14 00:07:46
2011-09-14 00:07:46

try pulling up on the parking brake while holding out on the release handle, if the light stays on u likely have a pressure problem , check the fluid level first

look on the master cylinder you should see a sensor plugged into it with a wire running from it into the harness. trace and check that wire for bare spots or grounding. if not then unplug the wire and see if the light goes off. if it does then change the master cylinder. if it don't then look at your wire again for grounding


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It is on a bracket under the dash and above the brake pedal.

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To change the high beam indicator you have to take the instrument cluster out of the dash.

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the fuse panel is located on the drivers side up under the dash almost directly behind the emergency brake pedal..

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the brake light switch is on the top of the brake pedal arm. under dash.

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