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When you install the new chain, it will have 3 links with silver sides, these go on the cam and crank gears on the lobe that has a dot on it. Make sure both cam gear dots point up and the crank dot points down, this puts you at TDC (top dead center) of the number piston. When I did my timing chain, I found that I had to turn the crank pulley counter clockwise to apply tension to the tensioner and to get the chain guide at the front installed. Hopefully you purchased a timing chain kit that includes a new tensioner and guides as this job is painful enough that you do not want to have to do it again because of a worn/bad reused part. Good Luck

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How do you adjust the timing chain tension on a 1998 Saturn SL2?

you can't : On the '97 Twin cam engine the cam chain tensioner depends on oil pressure. I had a problem that with 200,000 miles the chain had stretched farther than the tensioner could handle and had to replace the cam chain.

Why would the cam chain tensioner fail twice on a 1995 Saturn dohc engine when all new parts were used and the car runs fine?

there is a priming procedure to prime the chain tensioner with oil before you start your engine. you need to set the tensioner all the way in, lock it in place with a 1/8 drill bit. bolt it to the engine block. when all the components are installed and ready to be tentioned, remove the drill bit and the tensioner will expand to place tention on the chain. as it is extending, it is pulling oil through a small passage behind it, lubricating the tentioner. This would be the only reason I can see the unit failing twice.

What does a cam chain tensioner do?

A cam chain tensioner puts pressure on the chain, keeping it taut. If the chain were to not be tight, then it could slip on the gears causing the engine to run rough, or cause engine damage.

When do you need to change a timing chain on an 2001 Saturn 2001?

Always replace the timing chain, sprockets and tensioner rails whenever you remove the head.

Is the 1993 1.9l Saturn motor a zero tolerance engine?

The 1993 Saturn 1.9 is not an interferance engine, and has a chain, not a belt.

Does a 99 Saturn have a timing chain or belt?

It has a chain that should last the life of the engine.

How do you loosen the timing chain on a 1995 Saturn SC1?

Once you have the front cover off the engine, examine the tensioner bar on the left side. The left tensioner operates on engine oil pressure to keep the timing chain tight, and a ratchet holds light pressure on the tensioner bar when the engine is turned off. You should be able to press the piston in by releasing the ratchet, then use a small piece of wire to hold the tensioner in place. Once the tensioner has been secured, just remove the bolts on the tensioners. I just noticed that you indicated that it's an SC1, meaning that there is only one camshaft but the instructions should be much the same

Will the valves be damaged when the timing chain breaks on a 2000 Saturn?

Yes.The good news is, the timing chain seldom breaks; they aren't like the timing belts. You can typically just drive the vehicle until the engine is tired, then replace the timing chain, sprockets and tensioner slides while you're rebuilding the rest of the engine.The bad news is, anything is possible and a timing chain CAN break.The "L" series uses a timing belt for the V6 engine, but the 4 cylinder Saturn engines all use timing chains.

Is the 2001 ford 4.0 liter sohc engine an interference engine?

not gospel but 4.0 sohc engine is an interference major damage if timing chain or timing chain tensioner breaks

How do you remove a timing chain tensioner on a 2000 dodge councor with a 3.5 engine?

with a pair of pliers

Does a 2002 Suzuki Aerio have a timing belt or chain?

Timing is done by chain with an automatic chain tensioner. The accessory drive is a belt located on the front of the engine.

Is Saturn 2.2L an interference engine?

yes you are screwed if the chain breaks

At what mileage should you change the timing chain on a 2001 Dodge van 3500 59 liter engine?

A timing chain normally will last as long as the engine. Signs of a failing timing chain are chain noise and or engine that continues to jump time.

How do you replace timing chain on Saturn SL2?

You need to remove the housing on the "front" of the engine (as differentiated from the traditional rear of the engine). Once you have the front of the engine open and the pan off, the timing chain, camshafts and crankshaft should be exposed. Turn the crankshaft to #1TDC and put a small drill bit or other small rod into the alignment holes on the camshaft sprockets to keep them in place. Remove the timing chain tensioner rails, making sure that you retract the tensioner first (piston on a spring) then remove the bolts from the crankshaft and camshafts. Once you get to that point, the chain and sprockets should all come off. Reassemble in the reverse order, but use new tensioner rails, sprocket and timing chain. Additional information: If the engine has been properly maintained, the timing chain shouldn't need replacing until you rebuild the engine. A timing chain isn't like a timing belt; chains last a lot longer.

Does a 2005 Saturn vue automobile have a timing chain or a timing belt?

On a 2005 Saturn Vue : The 2.2 liter four cylinder engine has a timing CHAIN , and the 3.5 liter V6 engine has a timing BELT

How do you adjust the timing chain tensioner on a 98 sunfire 2.4 liter?

u dont adjust the timing chain tensioner if there is slop or play in chain, u need to replace the chain . good idea to replace timing gears at same time while engine is pulled apart

Where is the Timing Chain Tensioner located?

next to the timing chain you will find it in the cover on front of engine where the water pump is mounted they call it the timing chain cover you will have to remove this cover to get at it

Does a 1994 Saturn with a 1.9 liter engine have a timing chain?

Yes, it uses an internal timing "CHAIN", not a belt. The timing chain should last until the engine needs to be rebuilt.

Where is the timing cha in located on a 1997 cavalier?

The timing chain is on the front of the engine. Your drive belt tensioner pulley is bolted into the timing chain housing.

You have a 95 Saturn do you need to change timing chain?

Depends on miles on the engine - I traded in a 95 SL1 with 206,000 miles with the original timing chain still on the engine. My impression is that under normal circumstances, you should get at least 175,000 miles on a Saturn timing chain.

When should a timing chain for a 1995 Saturn LLO engine be changed?

You should always replace the timing chain, tensioners and sprockets whenever you rebuild the engine.

How do you fix a timing belt tensioner on 97 Saturn SC2 What is cost if mechanic does it?

A 97 SC2 does not have a timing belt, it has a timing CHAIN. The timing chain tensioner is INSIDE the engine, behind the oil pump. Replacing the timing chain tensioner is a complex process, requiring substantial engine dis-assembly, and you should replace the timing chain and sprockets at the same time.HOWEVER...If, as I suspect, you are being told that you need to replace the serpentine belt tensioner, it's a relatively simple process, back off the old tensioner, remove the belt (may as well put on a new one when you're done), a couple bolts and the old tensioner is gone, then put the new one in it's place, tighten it up and install the new belt. Probably a 15 minute process if you have all of the tools and supplies with you. NOTE, it will be much easier if you remove the passenger side tire, pull out the inner fender liner (for access to the engine), and work on it from there.

When to do a timing belt on a 2.2L?

The GM 2.2L (not ECOTEC) engine for that model year used a timing chain with a teflon tensioner. As far as I know, it had no belt. However, the tensioners are notorious for failure...they break off and get between the chain and the sprocket, which snaps the chain. When this happens, the valves contact the pistons, bending them. If the engine is starting to sound like a diesel, you should consider having the chain and tensioner replaced.

When do you know your timing chain is failing in 1995 Nissan 200sx?

Noisy, and you cannot keep the engine timed.

How do you reset the timing chain tensioner on a 2001 Pontiac grand AM?

1. For a 2.4 Quad you have a plunger that bolts on which gets it's pressure from the oil pump. The tensioner just needs to be reseated no bolts required it will set next to a piston type plunger and all you need to do is manualy turn the engine 2 to 3 turns and if the plunger is good the little piston should come out and put pressure on the tensioner and tighten the chain. If it does not come out assuming you have plenty of oil in your engine then you need to replace the tensioner which is around $40.00. Tensioner has a round hole in it and slides over a pin on the inside housing and if the plunger is working it will reload the tensioner. After engine restart you may hear the chain as if it is loose but the oil pressure will balance out the needed plunger pressure aganist the timing chain and will quiet down.