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The BCM Computer on the car is likely going out. Soon you'll find most of your instrument panel unoperative.

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Alarm going off in Lexus rx300?

Car alarm in Lexus ES300 started going off at random when car was parked, not running. I changed the key fob battery (flat watch battery) with a new battery and it fixed the problem.

The alarm on your frontera keeps going off?

my alarm keeps going of and wont start.

Why is the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer car alarm going off for no reason?

my alarm goes off at random times. i had the alarm module changed for $700 and it still goes off. come home from work at 4 and it goes off at 10. before the alarm module was changed it went off at 12, 2 and 4 in the morning.

What is a Random Pattern?

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Fire alarm going off don't know what to do?

You should always contact the fire department if a fire alarm is going off, even if there is no fire. There is a reason the alarm is going off. Stay safe.

How do you disable the alarm on a 97 Volkswagen cabrio?

snip the wire going to the alarm.

Where does Saturn go when it moves around the sun?

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2000 Mitsubishi eclipse car alarm keeps going off... not even locked...goes off at random. alarm not wired as a removable fuse...hard-wired through horn. battery going dead?

Pull the horn fuse - two fuses right of fuse 13.

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What if the alarm on your 1995 Grand Cherokee keeps going off for no apparent reason what could be some causes to look for?

AnswerI found that you need to check all of the door sensors to make sure they aren't sending incorrect messages that the door is being opened after the alarm is set. From what i have found this has to do with the battery. If the battery is low the Alarm will start to go off what appears at random.

Your alarm keeps going off on your Chevy S-10?

You first need to check the battery of your alarm system. Your alarm system may also be going bad and need to be replaced.

How do you fix your audiovox car alarm because it keeps going off?

remove the alarm fuse

How do you stop the emergency alarm from going off on a door?

Call an alarm repair man to fix it.

You have a vauxhal zafira 2002 and have a problem with the alarm where do you insert the key to disarm the alarm?

My vauxhall zafira's alarm keeps going off at 3.30 - 4am every morning. we have a key to dis arm the alarm but can not find where to put it to turn it off. and why is it going off.

Why does your house alarm keep going off?

Your house alarm may keep going off if it has a defect. Check to make sure there are no real threats to cause the alarm to go off and then have it tested to see if it is faulty.

Why do the door locks and trunk release on a Saturn L200 keep activating while driving?

You probably have a electrical short or more likely your batteries are going dead in your alarm key pad thing, on your key ring.

I can I stop the alarm from going off?

You have to program the alarm in order to get it to stop going off by either doing it yourself or by giving whoever is coming into your house the code. You can also contact the alarm company in order to get it to stop ringing.

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How do you stop the alarm of 1998 VW Jetta GLX from going off while driving?

The alarm should turn off once you start the car. If the alarm is going off while you are driving, pull over and remove the fuse.

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1992 firebird and lost the remote entry and alarm how do you get the alarm to quit going off every time I open the door?

disconect or cut the alarm speaker wire

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How do you change a Honda accord battery without car alarm going off?

Disarm the alarm before removing the battery.