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Why does the cat pee on the bed?


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February 01, 2009 1:40PM

Cat's urinate in places other than their litter box for several reasons. Firstly and most commonly is their box isn't being scooped or cleaned regularly. Cats prefer a clean box to use for their toilet. Just as we prefer not to use an unflushed stall at a public restroom.

Second most common reason is UTI (urinary tract infection). Cats suffering with a UTI will frequently urinate out of the box in places they normally would not otherwise.

Third we have a few that tie as "cat reasons"

In heat, unspayed and unneutered cats will often "mark" their territory. That includes beds used by their owners.

A new cat, dog, baby in the house.

New noises, furniture and stray animals outside.

and also, "attitude" Which is a difficult one to prove, however, many owners claim it indeed does happen. ( cat becomes angry over a scolding urinates on owners possessions)

Lastly occasionally a switch in liter bothers them.

If this is NOT a health issue ( I'd have the cat checked out ASAP to rule out UTI) I'd recommend switching litters and trying out "Dr. Elseys Cat Attract" Cat litter.

It works wonders on retraining stubborn cats back to the pan.