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Hey Michael==Go to auto zone and they will read the codes for free and it will tell what direction you should go to repair your car. GoodluckJoe

Autozone can only scan 1996 and newer lincolns!

They CAN check the pre 96 ones but it requires them to actually look for the right connector and they are usually too lazy to do it so they just say they can't unless it's 96+. 96 got a standardized scanner across all make/model lines in US so just one code reader. When they are slow, they have checked the codes on my 94 Towncar several times. Half the time, I was told they couldn't do pre 96's and the other half they did it. They will also tell you that unless the check engine light is on, codes can't be read. That is also untrue. Codes are stored in memory for IIRC 500 ignition cycles or when the battery is disconnected, the codes are cleared.

One thing I have learned about Towncars is that damn EGR valve causes carbon buildup. Remove the throttle body. Right under that is a gasket. Go to your nearest napa store and get the gasket, it's like 3 bucks I think. Anyway, after you remove that you will see a small half canal that hides under the gasket. Most likely and it happens on all towncars especially if you use low grade garbage gas it will be clogged with carbon, get a can of gum out carbareutor cleaner and just clean it.try to clean it all nice and squeaky, Put the throttle gasket in(new one) and put back the throttle, reset the computer and let her fly, you see that check engine light go away.

that is so true!! went today to get a reading and told me only 96 on. it is lie, because last week the guy did the diagnostic for me. unfortunately he wasnt there today.

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Q: Why does the check engine light come on in a '93 Lincoln Town Car?
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Check engine light 95 Lincoln town car?

If the check engine light is on for a 95 Lincoln town car, check the computer codes. a problem could cause low fuel economy, or cause a part failure over time.

What should be checked when check engine light comes on 95 Lincoln town car?

Use a code scanner to find out why the light is on.

How do i Reset check engine light on 1993 Lincoln town car?

A Check Engine light can be reset by fixing the problem that caused it to go off. The codes that caused the light to go off can be cleared with an OBD II scanner.

How do you reset check engine warning on 2001 Lincoln Town Car?

dealer must clear

What Is the digital link connector for a Lincoln town car?

For one thing , that is where the OBD II scanner connects to retrieve any trouble codes if your check engine light comes on

Why is the engine light on in my Chrysler Town and Country?

There are pages and pages of things that will turn the check engine light on. You need to have it checked for codes, and can diagnose from there.

How do you reset the service engine soon light on a 2004 Lincoln town car?

You can reset your 2004 Lincoln Town Car service engine light by scrolling to the oil life display. Hold the scroll button in until the oil life goes to 100 percent.

You have no brake lights or turn signals on 97 Lincoln town car?

You may have blown a fuse. Check your fuses. Then you can check your light connections.

What makes the check trac light and engine light come on in 98 Lincoln town car?

It sounds like something in the traction control system is malfunctioning. There should be a way to shut it off manually. Check your owners manual for how to do that and see if the light persists. Probably should get it checked out anyway.

Where is the dipstick to check transmission fluid in a 1990 Lincoln Town Car?

Next to the firewall, rear of engine. Paint the finger loop it a light color so that you can find it easily, especially when in shade.

Where is the oil dipstick located at on a 2005 Lincoln town car?

On a 2005 Lincoln Town Car : The engine oil dipstick is on the drivers side of the engine

How do you reset service engine light 1997 Chrysler town and country?

The service engine or check engine light can be reset with a scan tool or by unhooking the battery. The light will return if the failure that caused the code is not repaired.

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