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Why does the cigarette lighter not work on a 1991 Lexus LS 400?

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Did you check the fuse? Also, if you have kids, sometimes "things" get put in there, like coins which will cause the fuse to blow. HTH.

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Does a Honda Accord have to be cranked to use the cigarette lighter?

No, the engine does not have to be running for the cigarette lighter to work. The ingition key must be in the Accessory position (2 clicks) before the cigarette lighter will work. Hope this helped.

What is the difference between a power outlet and cigarette outlet?

Cigarette lighter outlet is special outlet that will hold and power a cigarette lighter. A power outlet is designed so a cigarette lighter won't work with it. They look the same and most 12 volt car accessories will work in either.

How do safety matches and a cigarette lighter work?

by a oil

Chevy cavalier cigarette lighter doesn't work?

If a Chevy Cavalier cigarette lighter doesn't work, check the fuse. The fuse may be blown and will need replaced.

Do cigarette lighter chargers work in 12 volt outlets?

Yes the new style of 12v outlet has replaced the conventional cigarette lighter.

Which radar detector will work if I dont have a cigarette lighter plug?

The RadarHAWK SM Instant Wireless Radar Detector doesnt require a cigarette lighter.

Where are the fuses located on a 2008 Nissan Altima the power outlet and cigarette lighter don't work?

where are the fuses located on a 2008 Nissan altima the outlets and cigarette lighter don't work

Cigarette lighter for crown vic 1996 dont work?

Check fuse, or replace the lighter.

My cigarette lighter for my vectra arctic 1.8 does not work it's not the fuse what can it be?

on the 1.8 arctic the fuse for the cigarette lighter is not where it says it is in the manual. You should see a fuse to the left of the one i should be - in the book this should be empty. That will be your cigarette lighter fuse.

If the Cigarette lighter doesn't work on a 98 VW jetta and the radio does work Is it a fuse or the lighter itself?

Its the fuse.. if not that check the wiring..

How do you fix the lighter in a 1991 s-10 pick up?

If the socket has no power, check the fuse. If the cigarette lighter itself doesn't work, replace it with a new one. Your local auto parts store will have them.

Why Cigarette lighter doesn't work?

Answerbeacuse there is no either have a blown fuse or you need to replace the lighter

Does your 2001 rav 4 cigarette lighter work?

Your 2001 rav 4 cigarette lighter worksbut the other two cigarette socket doesnt work the one at the back and the one near the handbreakis there a fuse for these two sockets you cant find them at the

Cigarette lighter does not work on 1999 buick century?

Check the fuses

Cigarette lighter holden vectra won't work?

stop pooping in it and it will

Does a cigarette lighter work on a fuse?

no it doesn't The circuit is protected by a fuse.

Why want your cigarette lighter not work on your 1996 Monte Carlo?


The cigarette lighter was pushed in and now neither the radio nor the cigarette lighter will work What could be wrong?

Most likely the fuse is blown, many cars have the cigar lighter and the radio on the same circut.

How do you remove console to fix cigarette lighter socket on 94 cavalier?

The fuse is ok but the lighter won't work.

Where is the fuse box for the cigarette lighter in the 2009 Toyota corolla?

have replaced fuse for lighter and still doesn't work

Why doesn't my cigarette lighter work?

Either the fuse is blown, the lighter itself is defective, or the female outlet is bad. Check it with another lighter.

1996 mustangs cigarette lighter doesn't work?

Check the fuses first.

2001 Honda accord cigarette lighter don't work?

check your fuses.

Why doesn't my 200 BMW 323i cigarette lighter not work?

Check the fuse.

Hazard lights and cigarette lighter don't work?

Check the fuses first.