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Where is the fuse for the radio in a 2001 Plymouth Voyager?

The fuse will be either located in the fuse box in the car (usually in the driver side left panel, or under the hood), or it is located on the back of the radio itself.

Why would transmission pan leak on 1999 Plymouth grand voyager?

Could be age or damage. It could be the gasket (a cheap repair if you can do it yourself) or maybe the pan itself is damaged somehow (such as hitting a large hole in the road or driving over something , like a curb). A leaking gasket on an loder vehicle, especially with a lot of miles is very common.

What was the cost of Voyager 2?

The cost for Voyager 2 and all it's missions was about $865 million dollars. The spacecraft itself was composed of about 65,000 individual parts.

When driving wipers come on by itself why?

There are a number of reasons why your wipers may come on by itself when driving. You may have a short in the wiring.

What is the location of starter solenoid 95 Plymouth Voyager?

When you get underneath the vehicle do so toward the middle of the van, then look for the oil filter follow a line untilo you see two or three exposed electrical connections. They are generally directly connected to the starter and the solenoid is attached to the top of the starter itself.

1997 Plymouth Breeze squeaks in the steering wheel and the car itself squeaks over the front end while driving down the road over bumps. What does it look like I should do?

have the front swaybar links replaced

Would the oil pressure sending switch leak oil and then stop?

It developed an leak and then for whatever reason sealed itself. Replace the oil pressure sending unit.

Where can you find a fuel tank assembly diagram for a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

The fuel tank is just the tank itself. With the fuel pump built into the tank. Remove the tank by draining as much gas as you can out first via siphon. Support tank and remove the retaining strap bolts. Carefully lower and remove the wiring and fuel lines.

Is sending wedding invitations via email considered tacky?

This is generally still considered to be tacky, although it depends on where you are sending the invitation. It also depends on how formal the wedding itself will be.

What would be causing a 1993 Audi 90s to have no oil pressure I took a pressure check on the oil sending unit and had no pressure But the pump is working and there are no clogged tubes?

If you checked the pressure with the sending unit in the car, it is possible the sending unit itself may be bad!

Is driving a car a chemical change?

Driving a car in itself is not a chemical change. The chemical change in a car comes from burning the fuel.

What is the fine for careless driving in Kentucky?

mine was $154. $20 for careless driving itself. $134 for the court costs. it may change though

What is the cheese capital of the world?

Plymouth, Wisconsin calls itself the cheese capital of the world. It is the source of 15% of all US cheese.

How do you reset the tire pressure light on a 2009 Chevy hhr?

It will reset itself while driving if pressure in spec and sensor itself is not bad

You just had your fuel sending unit replaced but it's still doing what the old sending unit was doing What could be the problem?


Can you post complaints on answers?

That is done by sending a message to the person and/or posting on the question's discussion page. Placing it on the answer itself is not recommended.

Is putting an unstamped letter ON a mailbox a federal offense?

No. It was never inserted into the mailbox itself and they have no way to prove that you had the intention of sending it.

How do you remove a power steering pump from a 1992 Plymouth Voyager 3.3 engine?

Remove the lines first then the mounting bolts. this job usually costs about $500 - $600 at a shop, access the pump through the left front wheel well and remove the plastic covers shielding the engine from the wheel. You'll need to remove the serpentine belt tensioner and and belt, after that its just removing the part itself.

Where is '97 Plymouth breeze fuel pump reset?

sadly their is none, it will re-calibrate itself the next time you re-fuel

What is the voyager 2?

A space probe that found several of Neptune's moons and Neptune itself. 1989 was the year they all of the satellites. Satellites: another name for moon. NOT A DISH!!

How do you reset the tire pressure button?

If you mean the light it should reset itself while driving

What would cause a gas gauge not to work in a 1997 Chevrolet pickup?

There is only a few things that can cause this kind of failure.Faulty gage.Severed or shorted wireStuck float on the sending unit (The pump and Sending Unit are in one piece in the fuel tank itself)Or a fault in the sending unit itself.If the gauge is intermittent, call your closest Chevrolet Dealer and ask about the Chevron fuel treatment. GM carries a part number for it. Teckron (sp?) is the additive that cleans the sending unit and usually makes it work (again)!

How do you test the fuel sending unit to see if it is bad or the dash gauge is bad?

On most American made cars you can test the sending unit by removing the wire attached to the sending unit at the tank and ground or touch to the tank itself. If the needle on the gauge goes to full, the sending unit is registering properly. If it does not move it could also indicate the wire has been severed between the tank and the guage.

1997 Plymouth Voyager alarm system disables and stops the car randomly How do you fix this?

I have the same problems with my 97 Grand voyager for about 2 1/2 yers. Normally, I disconnect the ground on the battery, and let the computer clear itself. Normally about 15 minutes. Just recently, that would not cure the problem, so I hit panic and open a few times and that cleared it. It is a very aggravating problem, and I wish I could come up with a permanent fix for the problem. I would like to disconnect the alarm system and just lock and unlock the doors manually. Anybody have any experience doing that?

How did the voyager 1 travel so fast?

Voyager currently travels around 38,000 mph. This is do to a combination of three things: 1. There is no resistance in space, as there is on Earth. Atmospheric resistance is the reason why we are unable to attain extreme speed through methods from Earth, on Earth. 2. Voyager enters the orbit of the planets it passes by and "slingshots" itself out of orbit onwards, thus increasing momentum each time. 3. As there is no resistance in space, momentum is never halted. Thus, Voyager will continue at it's current 38,000 mph unless something stops it (i.e. asteroid).

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