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Why does the constitution say We the people instead of We the state?

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What does the constitution say about the separation of church and state?

the words separation of church and state never appear in the constitution......

What does the comment The Constitution is what 5 people say it is mean?

it means that the the constitution is made by the people.

Which US Constitution amendment says you cannot kill people?

You're thinking of the 10 Commandments from the Bible. The US Constitution doesn't say anything about killing people, although federal and state laws do.

What does the constitution say with regard to equality?

the constitution say about equality that ''All people are equal before law''

If state law disagrees with the US Constitution which must be followed?

The US Constitution always has the last say.

What does the constitution say about which law shall predominate if there in any conflict between laws?

The order to apply is: Federal Constitution Federal Statute Federal Case Law Federal Regulations State Constitution State Statute State Case Law State Regulations

Why do people say what the freak?

They are trying not to swear, using 'freak' instead of stronger language, much as people say 'darn it' instead of "d*m? it', or 'shoot' instead of 's#*t'.

What are political values influencing constitution?

The U.S. constitution is the last and final say in any number of situations and is generally thought of in tems of the amendments to it. The politicak influlences on it are based on whethre the political party in is liberal or conservative. The constitution is known as a limiting consitution. That means it restricts government from interferring in the lives of the citizens. The other type of constitution is a a granting constitution. It grants the people rights to do things. The United States does not have that kind. You could say that the constitution is conservative in the aspect that it limits governmenr as opposed to a liberal constitution that does not limit government but instead empowers people.

Should people say X-Mas instead of Christmas?

People can say it but you don't hav to say It

What does the constitution say about a fugitive from justice?

They shall be returned to the state of the crime and be tried there.

How many representatives does the Constitution say each state must have?

i think 2.

Why does mr krabs always say me instead of my?

I believe it is because he is Irish. Many people from the U.K./Ireland say "me" instead of "my".

Is the constitution important?

yes, the constitution is very important without it, people say that we would still be in the Revolutionary War!

Why does the constitution say We the people?

A document for we the people stood for the people. This document stands for media, law and business.

Is gramatically correct to say the people is?

No. The people are...ANS2:"We the People" is how the US Constitution begins...sounds grammatical to me.

Why do people say merry Christmas instead of happy Christmas?

Americans say: "Merry Christmas" and people from England say: "Happy Christmas".

Who did a federalist proposal say should ratify the Constitution rather than the state legislatures?


What does the constitution say about reserved powers?

Reserved powers are given to the state. what is left is given to the citizen.

Why do people say siblings instead of brothers and sisters?

People say siblings to shorten things. Instead of taking the time of saying brothers and People say siblings because it keeps thing vague It is part of the same type of thinking that has replaced the word Christmas with the word Holiday. MS instead of Mrs and so on.

Why might some people say Article 7 of the Constitution is no longer needed?

Why are some people say that Article BIO is no longer needed

What did the 17Th amendment mean?

The 17'th Amendment to the United States Constitution established the election of United States senators by the people of each state rather than by the legislation of each state. That is to say that senators are now (since 1913) directly elected by popular vote of the people of the state and not by vote of the elected officials of the state.

Why do people say ello governor?

It is just people that want to use a British accent and people in Britain that say ello govenor instead of hello.

Why were some people for ratifying the constitution?

because some people try to be rebels and always have things to say

Why do people say coburn instead of cockburn?

British dialectual pronunciation

What can you say instead of it is believed?

Most people consider.... It is commonly thought.....