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That's not a controllers area of expertise, and neither is it his/her job. Try contacting the registrars office, or the vice president of academic affairs.

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What is the future tense of attest?

Will attest.

Who can attest a certificate?

All gazetted officers can attest ! !

Make a sentence with the word attest?

I can attest to the excellence of this shampoo.

How do you spell attest?

That is the correct spelling of "attest" (to swear or affirm).

Attest in a sentence?

The word attest means to prove something exists. A good sentence would be, I can attest that the bear was in the forest.

Is Nelson Bay University fake?

yes.they are fake univeristy and they will not attest their univeristy degree in any embassy.dont loose your money

Can a gazetted officer attest the document or certificate issued by him?

I think yes he/she can attest it.

How do use attest in a sentence?

The word attest means to support, or back someone up. The following sentence uses the word attest. His parents can attest to the fact that his grades began to suffer once he started playing video games.

Use attest in a sentence?

I can attest to the truth of her story because I, too, saw what happened.

Can a gazetted officer attest the documents of his son?

no... no one can attest the documents of his\her son\daughter

Can you say you attest?

yeah ofcourse. like "did you attest his mum cause shes rly attestable

A sentence for the word attest?

Unfortunately for the plaintiff, three independent witnesses were able to attest that he deliberately jumped in front of the defendant's vehicle.

Is there a difference between Attest and Witness?

Attest means that you can say for certain that something is a fact. If you witness something, it means you were there to see it happen.

Is attest and disapprove synonyms or antonyms?


Can you attest a signature without been present?


What is appropriate prefix of test?

It is contest or attest.

Can a gazetted officers can attest certificates issued by him?


What is synonym for the word confirm?

Verify, attest.

Is an audit engagement and an attest engagement the same in accounting terms?

yes an audit engagement is a type of attest service where you provide assurance on information in the financial statements.

What is the word origin of the word attest?

The Latin word is 'attestari' meaning to confirm or bear witness to. This passed into Old French as 'Attester' and eventually into English as 'attest'

What are synonyms of corroborate?

Attest, witness, support, verify.

How do you self attest a photo?

juz sign on photo.....

Can a medical practitioner attest xerox copies in India?

Only if he is Serving the Government of India or a state government as a Class I or Class II officer. No Private doctor can attest.

How do you use the word attest in a sentence?

I have this sentence in my resume and would like to know if it is written correctly. "These career experiences attest to my being accomplished in the areas that are required to perform in the Program/Project Management position and can only allow for my smooth transition."or " These career experiences attests to me beingaccomplished in the areas that are required to perform in the Program/Project Management position and can only allow for a smooth transition." Thank you. Lisa Nuzzi

Did William Jackson sign the Constitution?

He signed the document "Attest William Jackson Secretary" to attest to the delegates' signing. With his signature Jackson became the fortieth signer of the U.S. Constitution.