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Why does the coolant fan not work when the fuses are fine where is the relays at in a 91 Corsica 2.2L 4 cylinder?

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i do not know if it carries a relay but if you have a 1991 corsica it is possible that it is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment at the top just like the 1992.there are two large cylinerical looking thing you can,t miss it ,but you may also want to check the temperature sending unit for the radiator it turns the fan on and of .if that unit is good (check this unit and find the location of the parts that i have mention by signing up at auto zone there,option that will assist you)remove and check the fan motor

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Where are the horn fuses and relays located on your 1994 Chevrolet Corsica?

under the steering colume

Where is inline fuse or relay on a 2008 3500 Dodge truck?

All fuses and relays are in the underhood fuse box.All fuses and relays are in the underhood fuse box.

Where is the relay box on a 2010 Chrysler Sebring?

All fuses and relays are under the hood, next to the battery.All fuses and relays are under the hood, next to the battery.

Where are the fuses and relays on a 2001 Ford Taurus?

Main fuses and relays are in PD box next to battery. Interior fuses are in a box under dash, left side of steering column.

How do you find relays in 95 jeep?

Check the drivers manual, fuses and relays are listed in there.

Where are the fuses located in a 2001 Monte Carlo?

The fuses and relays are in the power distribution box.jd

Where is the engine cooling fan relay in a 2001 Lincoln Continental?

believe it is in power distribution box along with other relays and fuses. it is activated by the engine coolant temperature sensor.

Where are the fuses and relays located on a 1997 Cadillac DeVille?

Under the hood on the right hand side. There is a black plastic lid that flips open with fuses and several relays

What could be causing a 1989 Pontiac sunbird gt to overheat?

many possibilities; low coolant, bad thermostat, radiator fan does not work, bad relays/fuses, leakage in coolant system, stopped up coolant system, bad radiator cap, blown head gasket.

Where is all the relays on a 1998mercedes e430?

Most relays and fuses i have seen in mercedes' were under the hood on the driver's side.

Is there a reset button for the electirc power steering unit for a 2003 Ion?

If you've used booster cables recently, you may have blown two fuses/relays in the main fuse/relay block under the hood. Replace these two fuses/relays, and it may fix your problem. This happened to my son's 2004 Ion, and replacing these fuses/relays fixed the problem. Your fuse block chart (in your owners manual) will indicate the location of the fuses/relays.

My horn does not work all fuses and relays are good.?

All my fuses and relays work. My horn and cruise control do not work. Also my airbag light is flashing. Could it be the clock spring and if so How do I change it out.

Where are the relay fuses on a 1993 dodge Daytona?

The main Relays and fuses are in a Black box in front of the the driver side front Strut. The small fuses are right in front of your left knee when sitting in the driver seat, behind a plastic panel. and behind those are the rest of the relays. You'll have to crawl down where your feet go to see the relays.

Heater blower motor only operates on high speed settings no fuses in fuse panel relays in fuse panel and which one controls the speeds you need a wiring diagram advise this is for a 2001 prizm?

Fuses and relays are not your problem. The Blower Motor Resistor Pack is defective and needs replacing.Fuses and relays are not your problem. The Blower Motor Resistor Pack is defective and needs replacing.

Where is the fuel pump rely located on a 95 S10 blazer?

There are two main relays. Pop your hood, Look directly to the right of your Break master cylinder and located on your firewall you should see two black relays with separate wire harness attachments. Relays rarely go out so, check your fuses and power to your fuel pump.

Where are the window fuses and relays located on a 2001 Lincoln Navigator?

The Fuses and relays are located on the drivers side right of the steering wheel in between the handle for the hood latch and e brake latch. there is panel you have to pull out. after the panel is pulled out there will be a black cover which you two pull out as well and the fuses and relays are locted there no tools needed to get to the fuse box and relay box.

Why is my 1996 Saturn SL2 cooling fan not coming on?

Check the relays and fuses.

1998 f150 wiper motor doesnt work?

check fuses or relays

You are not getting power to your fuel pump and relays are good what do you check now?


Where is location of fusebox on Corsica?

On a 92 Corsica open the driver's side door and look on the side of dash board there sould be a flap open it and all your fuses are there.

Where are the fuses and relays for a 1992 Oldsmobile 98?

Fuses should be at the lower end of the steering column left side by the firewall Relays should be under the hood by the passenger side firewall may have to remove a plastic cover

Where is the flasher relay on 1995 camaro?

The flasher relay is located in the end of the dash on the driver's side by the main fuse block. Behind the panel is a bank of fuses and relays. On the inside of the cover is a schematic of the bank of fuses and relays.

Where is the fuel pump fuse located on the 1987 buick century?

It is located under the hood, behind the passenger side headlight. There will be a bank of relays, and a couple fuses. One of those fuses, and one of those relays, is for the fuel pump.

Location for 2003 Nissan fuel pump relay?

most likely under the hood in a plastic box that may say "FUSES AND RELAYS" (or something like that). When you open box, there should be a sticker on the cover that shows the positions and functions of the fuses and relays, if they are numbers then refer to owners manual Tip: there may be more than 1 box containing fuses and relays under hood

Where is the fan relay located in a 97 grand am?

Under the hood when standing in front of the car it will be in a square plastic box that says fuses and relays on the left side . all tghe relays should be there much larger than your regular fuses.

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