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I do not know but my 1999 also has this problem, but it does not seem to happen in cold weather, which suggests to me that it sould be a problem with a solid state device, such as a computer, transistor , or chip.

AnswerIf you searched this site you would have found the answer, anyways if you take a light lubricant and spray the door latch assy., open and close the doors, and spray again, it will allow the switch in the latch to eventually make the circuit work right. In rare occasions, the latch assy. will need to be replaced. AnswerThis also happens to me on my 1996 Ranger. The beeping also keeps going off for a while too. This only happens in the warm weather. AnswerIn mine, it means I didn't close the door all the way. If closing the door a little firmer doesn't help, try the one about oiling the latch. Remember, sometimes it isn't the part that's wrong, but the habit. I've learned that from my share of bad habits haha. AnswerSpray some lubricant ( WD40) on the door latch ( the part that holds the door shut) . This will fix the problem. Answer(WD-40) works great. thank you for this cure. This was the second time it happened, the first time I took it to a dealer, what a mistake. I was charged for a new unit. Answer100% agree with the previous answer. same problem as the Taurus and Sable Dome light problem. I just bought a 1998 Ford Taurus SE and right away I noticed the Dome light wasn't even coming on. The 2 map lights did work. I asked the previous owner about it, but he had no idea. Today I bought a new bulb and noticed that the light stays on forever, and the door ajar icon stays lit. I read through some of the responsed posted for the problem, so I tried the WD-40 idea and it fixed it in 30 seconds. What you need to do is spray light lubricant (WD-40) on the drivers door latch. This is right at the end of the door (where is swings away from the car). You'll see the latch looks like plastic. Give it a few sprays, then open and close the door several times. If it works, the light should go off in about 30 seconds, and the door ajar light will go out. What must be happening is that the door closes, but something is sticking, not allowing the switch in the door to close. Spraying on the lubricant loosens this up, and in my case fixed it right away. . Regards, Doug

in most of the cases it will work , but what happens is that the doorlight switch is in the door latch and since this is lubricated with time this lubricant gets dried and gets in the way of the switch causing it to stick even if you shut the door really good the switch it`s stuck open and it causes the light to stay on and ajar light and chime too. remove the door panel and follow the cable from the door handle and remove the switch by a twisting action and spray directly to it the w40 , if still keeps doing this dome light on and door ajar light replace the switch.

AnswerOn the newer Rangers (I have a 2003) the dome light will stay on after you shut the doors (It turns off in about 30 seconds). If you are in the ranger, it turns off as soon as you start the engine, and if you are not, it turns off as soon as you use the keyfob to lock the doors. It also turns on as soon as you push unlock on the keyfob.
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Q: Why does the dome light of a 1999 Ford Ranger sometimes stay on for awhile after shutting the door?
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