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Why does the dome light stay on all the time in a 1997 Ford Ranger?

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The door ajar switch is sticking, just spray the door lock mechanism on the side of the door with WD-40.My 97 ranger had this problem yrs ago while under warrenty. I took it in and they replaced the door ajar switches. The whole thing would have been around 200. if not under warrenty. Still had to pay 5.00 for the dome light lens it melted. A year later it was staying on again so now i have no interior light. Sucks, but not paying 200plus for a simple little light. I'll try the WD-40.
2011-11-08 06:15:43
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Which fuse is for the dome light on a 1997 Ford Ranger?

The 27 slot is for the dome light and it takes a 15 amp fuse

Where is the dome light fuse in a 2004 Ford Ranger?

here is dome light fuse on 2004 ford ranger

Dome light fuse for 2003 ford ranger?


Where can you get a dome light assembly for a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT?

Where is the fuse located for the dome light on a 99 ford ranger?

dome light fuse is 27 in the fuse box dome light fuse is 27 in the fuse box

Dome light on Ford Taurus stays on?

dome light stays on ford taurus

Where is 2001 Ford Ranger interior dome light switch?

The interior door switch may be built into the door latch. It is on the 2001 Ford F-150.

Where is the dome light switch on a 2000 ford ranger super cab?

it is the dimmer switch on the dash roll it all the way up

How do you Remove dome light cover on 1998 ford ranger?

I have a 2000 Ranger, and on mine the lens is made of plastic. To remove it, I squeeze the lens just enough so that the tabs will snap out.

How do i remove the dome light cover in a 2007 ford explorer?

how do i remove the dome light cover on a 2007 ford explorer suv

What is the dome light bulb number for a 1992 ford f150?

It doesn't have a dome light... it's a map light, #105

How do you replace dome light on 2008 F250 super duty?

how to replace dome light on ford f-450

Where is the light switch on a 1998 ford F350 for the dome light?

turn head light switch till it clicks and theses your dome light switch...

My door ajar light stays on on my 2002 Ford Ranger which messes wuth interior light where is the switch located in the door?

I had the same problem with my 02 Ford Ranger the sensor is inside the door (genius idea ford). no amount of wd40 helped. luckily for me it was my passenger door. I just unplugged it and the dome light doesn't turn on for the passenger door but works find for the driver's door.

Why does the dome light in a 1995 ford ranger stay on all the time?

Many rangers have a micro-switch built into the door latch that grounds when the door is shut. If the switches become dirty, they will cause the dome light, chime, and door ajar light to stay on. A few shots of contact cleaner should do them justice.

2005 ford crown Victoria How do you disable the dome light from turning on when the door opens on a 2005 ford crown Victoria?

There should be a SWITCH at the dome light! If not, remove the fuse from the fuse box above where your gas pedal is. OR: Simply remove the BULB from the dome light. duncanw.

How do you turn off the dome light on a 2001 Ford Ranger?

Next to the headlinght switch, there is a wheel type switch. This switch dims/turns of the panel and guage lights. When pushed all the way up, there will be a click-that turns the light on. Roll it back towards the floor til it clicks to turn the dome light off.

Dome light wiring diagram f150 ford?

You can get a dome light wiring diagram for the F150 from your local Ford dealership. You can also get a diagram at most auto parts or major book stores.

Why does the dome light and the radio not work in my 1997 acura 2.5tl?

Check fuses

Why does the warning bell continue to ring on a 1996 Ford Ranger when the truck is in motion?

where is that located and how do I fix it. It is really annoying.!!!!!! the switch that shuts off the dome light and chime is part of the door latch and is broken

Why does the dome light stay on when your door is shut on your 2000 ford F 150?

You have a switch on the dash that can operate the dome light when the doors are shut. Perhaps the switch is in the on position.

What would cause Ford Ranger wipers and speedometer to not work?

Blown fuse. For some reason, Ford put a few odd things on the same fuse (like the dome light, odometer and trip meter-dumb). Check all of them and replace as necessary.

How do you get a 97 Camry's dome light cover off?

There are no screws in the dome light cover of a 1997 Toyota Camry. You can pry the cover off with a flat bladed screw driver.

Where is the dome light moduel located on a 1997 Chevrolet venture?

problem with dome light sometimes working when door is open and some time it does not .i would like to know where the doom light moduel is located

Where is the dome light relay on a 1997 ford expedition?

Slot number #14 Amperage #15 amp Description; Interior lamps, delayed accessory relay, rear wiper relays